Dr Oz: Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Cleanse & Tips For Meditation


Dr Oz: What Does Namaste Mean?

Dr. Oz says it common for people to greet each other with a simple Namaste. Deepak Chopra told Dr. Oz Namaste for him means he honors the divine in others, which is the divine in him and is the basis of much of what he does to help others reduce their stress through meditation. Deepak says if you do anything, including mediation, for 21 days it begins to change the hard wiring of your brain causing the action to become a habit in your life. Deepak says his 21-Day Meditation Detox Cleanse can help just about anyone because most of us are stressed to some degree, which has really reached epidemic proportions in our country and leads to many health problems.

Deepak Chopra Brotherhood Review

Although he has turned his life and his health around completely, Deepak Chopra used to have some pretty bad habits including smoking, drinking and eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). He told Dr. Oz it was a time when he was a stressed internist with patients at the hospital’s intensive care unit who were dying, but then he realized he could not continue to help his patients if he was not going to help and take better care of himself. That is when Deepak, author of the book Brotherhood, decided to start meditation, which had a dramatic effect on him.


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