Dr Oz: Dr Eben Alexander Near Death Story & Proof of Heaven Review

By on November 13, 2012

Dr Oz: Dr Eben Alexander Medical Miracle?

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Dr Oz: Proof of Heaven Review

Dr. Eben Alexander's Proof of Heaven

Dr. Eben Alexander shares his near-death experience and what calls Proof of Heaven in a book he wrote after he nearly died from bacterial meningitis on his brain.

While many believe that heaven exists, there are many others who do not. Since it is something we are not meant to experience until after we die, it is probably really difficult for many people to imagine what it would be like to be in heaven or even believe it exists at all. Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon and author of the book Proof of Heaven, was a person who dismissed all claims of an afterlife, but he has since changed his mind after a near death experience that almost took his life.

He suffered from a rare form of bacterial meningitis in his brain, which caused him to go into a coma. He says what happened after that was nothing short of a miracle and he is now one of those people who believe that heaven exists and he says he can prove it. Dr. Alexander explained an experience like no other. He said he was in a large gorgeous valley filled with pink puffy clouds and he was flying on the wing of butterfly with a beautiful woman at his side as his guardian angel.

Dr Oz: Does Heaven Really Exist?

After he came out of his coma, he remembers still feeling skeptical because as a doctor he has been trained to deal with concrete facts, but he also wondered that if this experience was truly that of going to heaven then why had he not seen his father who had passed away several years earlier.

He also wondered who the beautiful guardian angel woman was because her face was not one that he recognized. It was 4 months after his coma that he learned more about his family history and that he been adopted, but had other biological siblings who he wasn’t aware existed until this time. One of those siblings was a woman named Betsy who had died years before his coma and when he received a picture of her he realized she was, in fact, the beautiful guardian angel from his experience.

Dr Oz: Reality vs Illusion

Dr. Oz says that Dr. Alexander’s story is not unlike many he has heard from his own patients who have had near-death experiences, but he still says he has always been skeptical. He says, though, that Dr. Alexander’s story is different because it is so vivid and filled with very clear details, but Dr. Oz still wonders if it could just be an illusion or of it is truly a real event that Dr. Alexander experienced. Dr. Alexander actually credits his meningitis in a way for his ability to experience something so powerful. As he lay in the hospital with a less than 10% chance of survival, his brain wasn’t functioning like a typical human brain anymore due to the widespread affect of the infection on his brain, which actually gave him the ability to have such an out-of-body experience.

Dr Eben Alexander’s Outlook on Death

Dr. Alexander says that his near-death experience has been liberating and has changed his outlook on death because he now sees it merely as a transition. He goes on to explain that our consciousness actually lives on when we leave our physical body.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Dr Eben Alexander Near Death Story & Proof of Heaven Review

  1. Really?This is not a subject for a health show. If someone wants to get into it… read the Bible, of course there is a heaven. *Proof* such as what he offers goes totally against the Bible, cuz it says the dead are unconscious, waiting to be awakened in a resurrection. His * proof8 is evidence his brain was affected during what happened to him.

    Several shows have touched religious or supernatural subjects. Sorry.. this is NOT appropriate for a health/educational show.

  2. David Miller MD says:

    The importance of Dr. Alexander’s experience cannot be underestimated. This subject matter must be more visible on programs such as Dr. Oz so that people are able to expand and open their minds, and move beyond the narrow constraints imposed by fundamentailist thinking.

  3. Edward Yardley says:


  4. LaBerta Belle says:

    I agree with David Miller, MD

    Unless one has shared a life, as a wife, with someone who has suffered a near-death, out-of-body experience from a heart attack (who was my atheist husband filled with conviction, and fearful of admitting what he had experienced until nearly 10 years later)……Who are we to dictate where human minds are allowed to journey? Passage=Progress

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