Dr Oz: Dr Mary Neal’s Near Death Experience


Dr Oz:  Dr Neal’s Near Death Experience  river

Dr Oz sat down with Dr. Mary Neal, a surgeon formerly skeptical of near death experiences, until she herself drowned while on vacation.  This trip was life-changing and certainly made her a believer.  The last day of her vacation, while her family was paddling down the river, she realized that she was in trouble, and immediately felt pinned in between the rocks.  She said that she gave her life to God’s will and, suddenly, she felt comforted and was assured that she would be fine – it was then that her body was completely free.  She was greeted by a dozen spirits and was led back to God and she could see her family attempting to resuscitate her body.



  1. says

    I am so sorry I missed this show today. i have lost three loved ones, all at a young age, my dad at 59, my dear brother in law at 52 of cancer, and the most tragic, the accident I cannot forget because I was directly involved, my daughter’s young husband who died at 41 of electrocution in the family swimming pool. he was a prince of a man. I have read many books and searched for answers. today reading the above article brings me peace. Thank you. i hope to see the show I missed soon enough.

  2. says

    I lost my son at 30 yrs old and unexpectedly from a heart attack. He was in excellent health and never dealt with drugs or anything illegal. Even after 13 yrs. I still have a huge hole in my heart even knowing that he is happy, blessed and around family and friends spirits. I just can’t get over his passing. I cry often and there is a sadness that hardly ever go away. Ignorant people tell me that I will feel better with time. I don’t believe so. Only when we see each other again, then I will be whole.

  3. Joe says

    Interesting and powerful. Not sure what to make of it though. Really wish it is true as I have family members died young.

  4. says

    I am sorry jossie. I will never forget my losses, and time makes the dark moments better, but cry on, and remember all the dear times. Somehow i hope to never forget, never forget the power that my loved ones had in my heart. If you enjoy your life, hobbies, other loved ones most of the time, then you are going in a positive direction. Time has nothing to do with it. Photos, talking, sharing, remembering, crying, … All normal. best to you, karen

  5. says

    Thank you for your comments. I am so sorry to read about your losses. Here is the creed that is taped to my refrigerator. I hope that you find strength in reading it, and re-reading it…
    1. I believe God’s promises are true.
    2. I believe Heaven is real.
    3. I believe nothing can separate me from God’s love.
    4. I believe God has work for me to do.
    5. I believe God will see me through and carry me when I cannot walk.

    To Joe…all I can say is that if you look around with an open heart, you will see God’s presence and guidance in your life and in our world. We believe many things that we don’t understand and cannot see…quarks, for example. The constancy of near-death experiences in all cultures and religions should bring you closer to accepting that there is life after death. Accepting this will not only give you some comfort with regard to your loved ones’ deaths, but should encourage you to make the most our of your opportunity at life, recognizing that every day and every decision really does make a difference.

  6. Tim says

    I really enjoyed this. I am wondering if Dr. Neal’s account of her near death experience is written anywhere, in a book or an article.

  7. Sheila says

    I have lost many people close to me through the years including my best friend who died in her sleep last year just before her 45th birthday. While her death has caused me great pain and suffering, I know that she is right at God’s side in her new heavenly home. She was always afraid of death and never would have wanted to leave her teenage daughter, however, it’s stories like this that give her daughter some peace and comfort knowing she is happy and that they will be together again some day. “Heaven Is For Real” is a great story as well if you are seeking additional insight. Thank you Dr. Neal so much for sharing your experience.

  8. marilyn magnet says


  9. Holly Jordan says

    I just found online that Dr. Neal will have a book out in November. It is entitled “To Heaven and Back; The True Story of a Doctor’s Extraordinary Walk with God.”. I found it on her own website. Good luck.
    (I am very impressed that she didn’t promote her book on the show.)

  10. Anna Rosen says

    I did not realize I had been through near death experiences until I read the book by Dr. Brian Weiss, “Many Lives, Many Masters” in 1994. When I spoke to my mom about this, I found out I had actually died and been brought back three times. The one time I remember vividly is when I was nine years old. I remember being put to bed and then going very fast through a tunnel. There were people going past me extending out their arms but they were going very fast. I finally came to a stop and before me was a very bright light and someone talking to me telepathically. ” You have to go back” this voice was saying. But, I did not want to go back. I felt so at peace. I felt as if I had the knowledge of the universe at my fingertips and that I could travel from one place to the next just by thinking about it. ” I don’t want to” I kept saying to the voice but it was insistent in letting me know that my mission was not finished and that I still had much to do. I found myself floating over a room and seeing a small child on a guerney. I could not see the child’s face until the doctor moved and I realized the child was me. The doctor gave the child an injection and next thing I knew, I found myself back in my body. I have experienced the things that Dr. Weiss indicated were charateristic of people who have gone through this experience: cannot wear watches because they stop, I affect electronic items, I accurately predicted and saw my first husband’s death. He died in a train accident, my second husband’s death (he died of pancreatic cancer) and my father’s death. I am not afraid of death because I know our soul does not die. It just transitions to another level. I am a happy and well-adjusted individual and thankful for the experiences I had

  11. Chris says

    After researching I have found that Mary Neal’s book recently came out and she can be contacted through her webstie drmaryneal.com

  12. Jacquelynn says

    I do not wear a watch. I affect electronic items. I “know” things because I just “feel” them. I died when I was 5 of meningitis. I didn’t want to come back – I was finally home! I agreed to come back because one of my spirit friends said he would be with me. He showed me my life and said it would be wonderful. I watched it, agreed, and bam, I was back in my body. It wasn’t my time and I had things to learn and do. My husband jokes that I got kicked out of heaven.

  13. Juanita Riechers says

    I also just went to sleep and all of a sudden went through a tunnel just like Anna Rosen. I saw levels of people and they were grabbing at my clothes and legs. Then all of a sudden I was moving fast through a tunnel and as I was going up to this brillant bright light I noticed people along the shore, seemed to be a waterway. They were looking at each other as if to find who I belonged too. I thought “oh great, even in death I am forgotten”. In life my Mom would lose me while walking too fast etc. I felt strong feelings of being loved. As soon as the light being told me to go back, I hit my waterbed hard. I laid there listening to my body start up again, felt for a pulse and couldn’t find one. Woke my husband up and had him feel for a pulse, and he too had a hard time finding one but did. It was faint. I know it was not a dream, for the way my body started up again, I could hear it in my ears like an engine. I too cannot wear watches, and feelings of psychic abilities are stronger than before. I do not fear death any longer. But, it was strange that no one was there to meet me, I really wasn’t expected.

  14. Edna Bersin-James says

    Just finished reading To Heaven and Back. Great book but not sure I can fathom all of
    what is written. I am sure of eternal life due to the death and resurrection of Jesus
    Christ and my daily walk with Him.

  15. Jeanette Cheney says

    I was privledged to have been present when a dear friend Des was dying, as he breathing slowed I saw a large white orb hover over my friends body.
    Next I saw the deceased brother of my friend, the image was so clear I could describe him with such accuracy to the loved present.
    I also saw Des’s wife Norma, who had died 18 years previously, she was young and radiant beckoning Des forward to join her.
    Ken the brother looked down and spoke to Des as his body failed, I saw Des leave his body as a much younger and healthier man reaching out to his brother Ken who was there to take him through to the other side. I believe I was able to witness these images to bring comfort to family members in their time of grief. Trust we do not leave this life alone.

  16. Susan says

    I just finished reading Dr Mary’s book I have read 3 other books on others’ experiences following death. Colton’s, Dr EbenAlexander’s and the pastor’sgr whose name eludes me. I am encouraged but feel like Mary’s colleague in his envy of her first hand experience with life after death and being in God’s presence. I am a believer and have been an elder in my church, love Bible study but yet still deal with issues if filling the void that I wish I could be rid if and just fully trust in the LORD and not feel like my inadequacies will block my entry or full communion with God should he permit me entrance.
    Thank you so much. PS I wish you had seen dogs. My girls would be ecstatic to know our Aussie Pepper is there waiting

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