Dr Oz: Ex-Child Star Danny Bonaduce Sobriety + Antabuse


Dr Oz: Troubled Former Child Star Danny Bonaduce

After sitting down with Jeremy Miller, who starred in Growing Pains as a young child, Dr Oz then welcomed another former child star, Danny Bonaduce. Danny is known for his role in The Partridge Family and as Dr Oz stated, he “became the poster boy for ex-child stars gone bad.”

America quickly fell in love with red-haired, freckle-faced Danny Bonaduce and his role as Danny Patridge in the 70’s sitcom. But the show went off air in 1974 and he went on to struggle with drug abuse and homelessness. He was in and out of the limelight through the years, as a radio DJ, TV host, and reality star. All while getting arrested several times for drug possession and assault.

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