Dr Oz: Feng Shui For Better Sleep & Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Review


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Dr. Oz and Ariel Joseph Towne discussed the practice of Feng Shui and how it can help you get a better night’s sleep by making a few simple changes in your bedroom, beginning with the placement of your bed.

Ariel Joseph Towne: “Red Light, Green Light” Feng Shui

Ariel Joseph Towne explained to Dr. Oz that Feng Shui is basically an evolving art and science based on the Chinese idea of living as one with nature. He uses a “Red Light, Green Light” system to help people create a space in their home where they feel comfortable and at ease. Ariel says Feng Shui begins with the feeling you have in your gut about how something feels and is then used to help you achieve the ideal space for your personal needs, such as getting better sleep.

Dr Oz: Feng Shui For Better Sleep

Ariel Joseph Towne shared the Feng Shui fundamental to get better sleep. It begins with finding a safe spot. He explained this is achieved by placing your bed in a position where your back will not be exposed. Ariel compared to sitting in a restaurant with your back facing the door. You might begin to feel a little vulnerable, which can cause your stress level to increase sending your body a message it is a bad position for your Feng Shui.

Dr Oz: Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Meditation for Better Sleep

Ariel Joseph Towne says one of the ways to create Feng Shui and get a better night’s sleep is by meditating before you go to bed. Try his “let go” technique to get improved rest!

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