Dr Oz: Feverfew Migraine Remedy & Joan Rivers’ Secret to Staying Young


Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa Rivers

Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa sit down with Dr. Oz to talk about what it is like to live and work together as well as to ask for Dr. Oz’s medical advice. Plus, Joan’s secret to staying young!

Dr Oz: Does Joan Rivers Regret Cosmetic Surgery?

Joan Rivers tells Dr. Oz she does not regret all the cosmetic procedures she has had over the years. Instead she says she actually regrets not doing more of them because she believes if something makes you feel better about yourself then you should do it as much as you want. Melissa Rivers says that while her mother has never had much of a filter over the years it seems to have gotten even less as she gets older. Melissa tells Dr. Oz that her mother is even more uninhibited, if that is even possible, which makes working and living with her pretty challenging at times.

Dr Oz: How Old is Joan Rivers?

Dr Oz: Feverfew Migraine Remedy & Joan Rivers' Secret to Staying Young

Dr Oz recommends eating Gin-soaked raisins to reduce inflammation and ease knee pain. What other advice did he give Joan and Melissa Rivers? (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

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