Dr Oz: First Lady Michelle Obama Eating Healthy & Let’s Move Campaign


Dr Oz: Michelle Obama ‘Moderation Is Key’

First Lady Michelle Obama was back on the Dr. Oz stage! She was ready to talk about her midlife crisis, self-esteem and the government’s role in keeping America healthy. She even shared a few items from her ‘bucket list.’

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama’s Before 50 “Bucket List”

Dr. Oz joked with the First Lady about how she self-diagnosed herself with a midlife crisis. She told him as the First Lady she was very limited with what she could do about it, since buying a sports car and bungee jumping were out of the question, so she decided to cut her bangs. Michelle Obama told Dr. Oz that having a “bucket list” is not very exciting when you are the First Lady of the United States. She said simple tasks like taking her dog for a walk or going shopping at Target are the kinds of things on her list right now.

Dr Oz: The First Lady’s Health Goals

Michelle Obama told Dr. Oz that she does not have any specific health goals before she turns 50-years-old next year, because she tries to consistently follow a healthy lifestyle. She does want to be more deliberate about it, though, and said she would like to add more stretching and yoga to her routine. The First Lady said she is embracing age rather than fearing it. She added that she is blessed genetically, mentioning her mother as a good example of what healthy looks like at 75-years-old. Michelle Obama told Dr. Oz she admires folks who are active and energetic in their 70’s and 80’s, which is something she is striving for as well, or to be “fly” in her 80’s, as she jokingly put it for Dr. Oz’s audience.

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