Dr Oz: Gall Stones vs Ulcer, Normal Allergy Symptoms & Is This Eczema?


Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Eczema

Dr Oz: Gall Stones vs Ulcer, Normal Allergy Symptoms & Is This Eczema?

Dr Oz challenged Sofia Vergara to a game of “What is Wrong With Me?” as he gave her a list of symptoms and she had to guess a diagnosis. They included symptoms for allergies like itchy eyes and non-stop sneezing. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Oz sat down with the hilarious actress from Modern Family, Sofia Vergara, to talk about her surprising health issues and what it was like being a new actress in Hollywood. Sofia’s personal physician shared a self-test to check your thyroid as well as the symptoms to look out for in case you are worried you might have a problem with your thyroid.

Dr Oz: Allergy Symptoms

Sofia Vergara says all her friends and co-workers come to her for medical advice. She has been known to diagnose health issues for her son and her boyfriend, but how well can she do with Dr. Oz’s diagnosing quiz? He challenged her to diagnose medical conditions from the set of symptoms he shared.

  1. Very tired, runny nose, non-stop sneezing and itchy eyes (especially in the morning) – These are all symptoms of allergies, which Sofia guessed correctly!
  2. Rash isolated to arms and back of knees, crusty and itchy rash – Again Sofia Vergara diagnosed the symptoms correctly! These are all symptoms of eczema. Is that what you would have guessed?
  3. Feeling awful an hour after eating a fatty meal (like a hot dog and fries), getting a cramp that leads to excruciating pain underneath the ribs that lasts for an hour – Sofia guessed this one incorrectly when she thought they were symptoms for an ulcer. Dr. Oz explained if a person has an ulcer they would experience these types of symptoms immediately after a meal. The correct diagnosis is actually gall stones.

Dr. Oz was quite impressed with Sofia’s medial skills and made her an honorary doctor for the day!


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