Dr Oz: Giuliana Rancic Scoliosis & Bill and Giuliana Second Child?


Dr Oz: Giuliana Rancic Scoliosis & Is She Too Skinny?

Television power couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic have face many health challenges head-on, which is why Dr. Oz wanted to sit down with them to talk about cancer, infertility, and finally becoming parents!

Dr Oz: Giuliana Rancic’s Double Mastectomy

Dr Oz: Giuliana Rancic Scoliosis & Bill and Giuliana Second Child?

Giuliana Rancic tells Dr Oz the protruding bones in her back are due to a severe case of Scoliosis as a child and not because she is too skinny, which is what a lot of people believe. (Ira Bostic / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Eva Zachariou says

    hi my name is Eva Zachariou. My daughter name is Mary and ever since birth I have always felt she had scoliosis. She is now 8 years old and I can shorley notice it. I would like to know if Giuliana Ransic scoliosis was fixed after surgery. what I mean is her back the way it should be. is she able to live normally without no back trouble. if I could hear her story on her scoliosis and what she had to go through just to have better understanding. I don’t mean to pri just worried for my daughter shes my special beautiful girl and just I guess looking for someone to give positive to hopfully fixing my daughter scoliosis. thank you for your time. Very much appreciated. PS Duke is so cute im so happy for you both to be blessed in having him. best wishes to you both

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