Dr Oz: Glynis McCants Numerology Blueprint & How To Find Life Number

By on October 19, 2012

Dr Oz Numerology & Life Numbers

When you think about the picture of your health, there are probably a lot of numbers involved. But beyond the blood pressure readings, weight and other numbers are more basic stats, like your birthday. Do you believe this could be telling you something about your health?

Numerologist Glynis McCants wanted to teach Dr Oz and us how to calculate our Personal Number, which starts with your birthday. This can apparently tell you about your health and life outlook.

Glynis McCants: What is Numerology?

Dr Oz: Glynis McCants Numerology Blueprint & How To Find Life Number

Dr Oz talked with numerologist Glynis McCants, who taught how to calculate your life number & what it means for your numerology blueprint.

Glynis said her study of numerology dates back thousands of years to Pythagorus, the mathematician. The numbers 1 through 9, derived from a formula starting with your birthdate, can give you information about your lifelong health prognosis.

Whether you need advice about health, work, or your love life, Glynis and others claim it’s all about the numbers. Who books Dr Oz’s guests? I like that he keeps an open mind, but sometimes they really seem to stretch the bounds of the concept of his show.

Dr Oz Numerology Blueprint by Glynis McCants

At birth, we come through an energy vibration that has positive and negative aspects. Glynis said you can avoid health problems by being on the lookout for them. Grab a pen and paper to learn how you can calculate your Life Number.

Dr Oz Birthday: Glynis McCants Life Number

Glynis used Dr Oz’s birthday as an example. He was born on June 11 1960, or 6/11/1960. She used a chalkboard to teach how you can calculate your own Life Number.

The goal is to reduce your birthday to a single number. First, you have to add up all the digits. For example:

6+1+1+1+9+6+0 = 24

Then we reduce again to get a single digit number, between 1 and 9.

2+4 = 6

That means Dr Oz’s life number is 6. That’s weird, because that’s my life number. Keep going and adding the result together until you have a single-digit sum. (11 would become 2 or 22 would become 4.)

Glynis McCants Numerology Blueprint

Glynis said that Dr Oz’s role in life is helping others. She said that every number in your birthdate tells her something about your Life Blueprint. She rattled off a bunch of facts about Dr Oz that you could probably guess if you’ve watched his show.

Dr Oz asked where she got some of her numbers from, and she basically said you’ll have to buy her book, Glynis Has Your Number, to find out what she’s talking about. The sales pitches on this show are usually a little more slick than this.

Dr Oz Life Number 6

A bunch of people in the studio audience also got a 6. According to Glynis, we “need to be in charge of what you do. You’re not good under somebody else.” 6s are also nurturers and female 6s are at a greater risk for breast cancer and need to watch our weight.

The audience members put on the spot agreed with Glynis’s generic assessment. But what if you got another number? Glynis explained some of those as well.

Dr Oz: Life Number 1

Dr Oz said he has a lot of 1s in his life. They like to put themselves first in every life situation, Glynis said. She said they also have shoulder or knee pain, recommending yoga for them.

But what about those of us who have a Life Number 2, Life Number 3, Life Number 4, Life Number 5, Life Number 7, Life Number 8 or Life Number 9? What are our recommendations? Does anybody know? If so, please share in the comment section below!

Glynis McCants Life Number 2

If you have a Life Number of 2, then you seek out peace.  You tend to be a strong mediator and are a loyal friend and companion to those around you.  If you are threatened though, you can become difficult, even though you hate conflict.

Glynis McCants Life Number 3

If you have a Life Number of 3, then you are a fabulous communicator.  You write and speak beautifully and tend to fall into the category of talented singers, actors, writers and radio broadcasters.  You are funny and may also be the comedian in the family.  But if you don’t use your creative abilities, you can become manic depressive.  Another downside of Life Number 3 is that you tend to not always tell 100% of the truth.  You are likely also to have a great voice, smile and eyes.

Dr Oz Life Number 4

Life Number 4’s want to feel secure and love to stay at home.  They are thinkers and often need to remember to relax their brains.  They tend to have great idea in their minds, but they never come to fruition if you always are over thinking them.  Life Number 4’s are highly organized with an exact place for everything in their home.  If your house is not orderly, then that is often an indication that you are going through a hard time.

Glynis McCants Life Number 5

If you have a Life Number of 5, then you love adventures and having fun.  Your life becomes overly dramatic if you do not get the adventure you seek.  You are great at detective work and celebrating life.  Holidays are your number and you love them.  As far as relationships go though, you tend to have difficult committing to a person because you worry you will be trapped and not able to get out.

Dr Oz Life Number 7

Life Number 7’s are also thinkers but tend to be loners. You have faith only through learning that skill.  But by default you tend to love nature (the ocean, plants, grass, flowers, and so on).  It is important to find faith, because otherwise your life number tends to get cynical and resorts to drugs or alcohol (sometimes work is your get away too).  Life Number 7’s tend to be mysterious and don’t like people to know who they truly are.

Glynis McCants Life Number 8

Life Number 8’s need a sense of financial security to feel safe.  It is also hard for you to take advice from other people.  So when making a decision, you have to feel like you made the decision and not somebody else.  But because of this, you generally learn things the hard way.  On the plus side, you are honest people, but be careful not to be too honest without “sugar coating” it first, because you may hurt people’s feelings without realizing it.  You may seem insensitive to people around you, but you actually are extremely sensitive at your core.

Dr Oz Life Number 9

If you have a Life Number 9, then you area a natural leader of people.  Others probably think you are in charge even when that is not the case.  While walking through a store, people might stop you because they think you are working at the store.  You take care of people around you, but you must remember to say something when you also need help… or even if you just need some love and affection.  You tend to feel like you were abandoned or unloved by your parents.  But you must learn to let go of the past.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Glynis McCants Numerology Blueprint & How To Find Life Number

  1. I did not see anything for 10-23-1945 for Oct, How do I get this can you help me please

  2. Why did you go up too 9 only what happen to #10 and #11 and #12

  3. If your number is 10, 11, 13 etc…… Just add 1+0 (for the resut if 10)… Or 1+2 (for the result if 12)

  4. I am a Number 6 as well Dr. Oz. She was right on with the weight. I have a good
    sense of humor and the jobs I enjoyed the most had me in charge. I was a sole
    flight attendant to 50 people for 2 years out of three years as a Flight
    Attendant. The first year I was 1 of 5 on a Air Bus. I enjoyed being a sole Flight
    Attendant to 50 so much more. Again, she was right on. Very interesting.

  5. Maria: Your number is 7.

  6. I’m not one to readily beliveve this numerology stuff, but I think i’ll have to check it out further.. I may even buy the book. I watched the show yesterday. My wife did not. I told her about the numerology segment. She said, “You won’t believe what just happened. Our granddaughter, off at college, was drying her clothes. Her clothes were dry, but she had 20 minutes remaining on the machine. She called to ask if she should remove her clothes or continue drying them in order to get her full money’s worth”. When it comes to money, our granddaughter focuses on the bottom line. Having not yet learned the value of tact, she is often brash and direct, sometimes to the point of being abrasive. Born June 7, 1993, she is an 8. My wife of 40 years still has magnetic eyes and smile. She is a retired teacher and school administrator. With her always needing to be heard, I for years fondly would pantomime the Archie Bunker routine of hanging myself in order for her to end her conversations. Selective hearing now is an art and an asset. My wife, by the way is a 3. I am the balanced one in the family, looking at everything from all angles and always seeking compromise, sometimes studying things to the point of paralysis. Although I try to be poker-faced, I care deeply and attempt to be good at those things in which I am involved whether it’s work or athletics. Not easily angered, I do have a boiling point. I would rather avoid a fight, but once I’m engaged, I am a tough, calculating competitor. I am a 2.

  7. I will be glad to help any questions here if the moderators could allow me to post. I am not trying to self promote myself. I am trying to be of help to those who are interested. I am a 29/11, and I am a good teacher too.

  8. Hi Everyone. I did watch the show tonight. I liked the segment. I am a numerologist like Glynis is. I can help anyone calculate their life path using their birthdate numbers. 10/23/1945= 25= 2+5=7 This person has a 7 lifepath. Analytical, but can be a second guesser too. Follow me @bsk11 on Twitter, or on facebook.

  9. @curt. You have a good understanding of the basis of this. What is your full birthday. I think you may be an 11 also, but I will know more when i hear the exact date.

  10. litle confused if I’m 12-06-1956 =30
    3+0=?? would I be 3 then?

  11. Yes. If your numbers added up to a 30, then it would be 3+0=3
    You would have a 3 Life Path.

  12. I am from a very large family! All the numbers fit all my siblings – but the number 1 does not fit my Mother who adds up to be a number 1. She does not put her self first in anything and she does not have shoulder and knee pain. :( Her birthday is January 20 1933 or 1+20+1933 =19
    1+9=10 and 1+0=1

  13. Thank you so much, it was very helpfull I understand it much better now. I also did my sster wish was 9-11-1957 and you are righ on the money she had her 2 breast remove because of cancer. thank you Maria

  14. Bruce,
    You’re correct. With a birthdate of 10 16 1947, I am a 29 or 11 or 2. I heard Glynis mention that there was something unique about 29’s/11’s, but I have no clue as to what that might be.


  15. Hi I recently seen the Dr Oz show about life numbers. My birthday is 7/19/1982 and I came out with a 10 so that means Im a 1. What were the details of the life number 1, I missed that part of the segiment.


  16. This is from the article above: “Dr Oz said he has a lot of 1s in his life. They like to put themselves first in every life situation, Glynis said. She said they also have shoulder or knee pain, recommending yoga for them.”

  17. Did anyone get the health solutions/ailments for #2 and no. 6, which was Dr. Oz.
    FYI: No. 8 feels better by taking joy in the moment – silliness, laugh, dancing, crazy music.

  18. My lifepath , 2-25-1949, comes out to be a five, but I am definitely a four. My attitude number is 9; but I am closer to a 4….what gives?

  19. All she talked about with the 2s is that they love deeply, big hearted and caring. I am a 9. :-)

  20. I’m disappointed that she didn’t go into 1’s a little more likw she did the other numbers.

  21. I am not understanding the different vibrations matching the numbers. On one it says compatible, on another natural and another challenge. I’m matching my daughter and her new boyfriend. 3/6 8/8 2/6 3/9 5/9 7/2

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