Dr Oz: Having Friends Reduces Stress & Red Meat Serving Recommendation


Dr Oz: Stress Is Biggest Cause Of Aging

Dr. Oz sat down with the creators of the RealAge Test, Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Keith Roach, to discuss some of the questions from the test as well as ways to reverse the aging process to look and feel younger!

Dr Oz: What Are the Effects Of Stress On Your Health?

Dr. Oz says our driver’s license photo reveals a lot about how we are aging. Most people would love to look the way they did in their driver’s license photo and Dr. Oz and his guests say it is absolutely possible if you make some lifestyle changes. First you need to determine your RealAge so you can get to work on improving that number by as many as 10 years! Here are the next set of questions from the RealAge Test:

  1. How many of the following have you gone through in the past year (death, divorce, job loss)?
  2. In the last year, how much financial stress have you experienced?
  3. How do you experience stress at home or work?

Dr. Michael Roizen says focusing on the past year is important because of how it affects your health. He says acute stress that is caused by something like a broken bone does not age you, but traumatic life events have a much bigger impact because the stress they cause ages you a great deal.

Dr Oz: Quit Smoking To Add Years To Your Life

Friends Reduce Stress

Dr Michael Roizen, creator of the RealAge Test, says stress is the biggest cause of aging, but having friends reduces that stress to a minimal amount!

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