Dr Oz: History Channel’s The Bible Review & What Foods Did Jesus Eat?


Dr Oz: The Bible On the History Channel

Mark Burnett, Executive Producer of The Bible on the History Channel, and his wife, Roma Downey, have been faithful followers of God for much of their lives so when they decided to bring the Bible to television they took the responsibility very seriously. They reached out to several leaders across many denominations in order to be respectful and accurate while giving one voice to the Bible. Dr. Oz says that over time with the intersection of science and religion we have begun to understand Jesus’ health and the diet he ate during Biblical times.

Dr Oz: What Did Jesus and His Disciples Eat?

Mark Burnett explained the extensive research he and his team did before bringing the Bible to television, which gave great insight into the health of Jesus and his disciples. Mark said when they were filming in the Middle East they learned about how they all walked from town to town, which is a sign they were rather robust individuals. He says they also believe Jesus and his disciples probably ate a lot of fish, lentils and chickpeas. Essentially, Mark says they followed a plant-based whole foods diet, which speaks volumes about their health.



  1. Lori Sahler says

    This was such an awesome show! So helpful & informative. Also the subject matter is so timely because millions have enjoyed The Bible on the History Channel. Thank you!

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