Dr Oz: How to Treat Back Pain with Meditation + Back in Control Review


Dr Oz: Back in Control Review Dr David Hanscom

Imagine a cure for your chronic back pain that did not require medication, or even surgery. Dr. David Hanscom, a surgeon, believes that most back pain is actually in a person’s head, so he argues that treating a patient’s emotional problems is a better solution than putting them under the knife for surgery.

Dr Oz: Treat Chronic Pain with Meditation

Dr Oz: How to Treat Back Pain with Meditation + Back in Control Review

Dr Oz talked to Dr David Hanscom, author of Back in Control, about how to become pain-free without medication or surgery. What is his treatment plan?


  1. Lou isaacs says

    I was probably born with scoliosis. My grandmother had it and my mother had it! I am in severe pain now & I will be 67 in June. I have been going to a pain management Dr. For about a year. She was doing trigger point shots & sometimes they helped & sometime they didn’t, On 4/7/2014, she did an epidural, it felt better for about three days & now it is hurting again really bad. It is really frustrating that it still hurts. I only take extra strength Tylenol for pain, it really doesn’t help @ all! I wear a elastic band @ night, which helps a little. I am not a candidate for surgery per my Dr. David Weinsweig, MD, St. Mary’s Neurosurgery, LLC, Huntington,WV 25702

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