Dr Oz: Intuitive Healing vs Medical Diagnosis & Can You Heal Yourself?


Dr Oz: Intuitive Healing vs Psychic Ability

The medical field has typically been split between Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine when it comes to treating illnesses, but one man says you can diagnose and heal yourself through his intuitive techniques. Could they work for you?

Dr Oz: Intuitive Healing vs Medical Diagnosis & Can You Heal Yourself?

Medical intuitive John Kortum says he has techniques to help you diagnose and heal yourself before a doctor can!

Dr Oz: Intuitive Perception vs Medical Diagnosis

If someone said they could help you see your health problems before a doctor has the chance to diagnose them, would you believe him? John Kortum is a medical intuitive and while he has been referred to as having psychic ability, he does not like that term because he believes it is more about perception when identifying a health problem in your body. John explained that his vision is no different or anymore special than anyone else’s, but he looks for clues in a person’s body, like textural properties, to show messages about their health. He told Dr. Oz the difference between himself and a medical doctor is that medical doctors speak in the language of science where he speaks in the language of the body. He added that he can often perceive those textural properties as an illness even before it could be diagnosed through medical testing.

Dr Oz: Can Intuitive Perception Diagnose a Thyroid Condition?

Dr. Alan Tenczar, a podiatrist, told Dr. Oz that he uses John Kortum’s techniques when he is examining his own patients. He said that while a great deal of his time is spent looking at a patient’s foot, it might show perceptive signs of a condition, like thyroid disease, so he will often recommend the patient see their family doctor to have it checked.

Dr Oz: Intuitive Healing Demonstration

Dr. Oz invited an audience member to share her medical records with him before the show began, so they could test John Kortum’s intuitive techniques on his stage. John perceived that the woman was mostly fine, but noted that he recognized some signs of intestinal issues. She then revealed to them that she has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which has a great deal to do with a person’s intestines and digestion.



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