Dr Oz: Is Numerology Real or a Scam? Glynis McCants Life Path Numbers


Glynis McCants Scam?

Dr Oz and Glynis McCants continued explaining the needs of each person based on his or her Life Path Number. Find your Life Path Number and see what it means if you are a 2, 3 or 4. Then read on to see what you can learn about the numbers 5, 7, 8 and 9. Do you believe there is merit to Numerology, or are you suspicious that it might be bogus?


  1. says

    Hi Everyone. I did watch the show tonight. I liked the segment. I am a numerologist like Glynis is. I can help anyone calculate their life path using their birthdate numbers. 10/23/1945= 25= 2+5=7 This person has a 7 lifepath. Analytical, but can be a second guesser too. Follow me @bsk11 on Twitter, or on facebook. Numerology is not a scam either. Thanks

  2. Betty says

    Numerology and all those psychic “sciences” are phony. All that stuff has no influence on your life. You cannot communicate with the dead or read minds. The appearance of any of this garbage is merely the result of parlor tricks: hot reading, cold reading, Forer effect, shotgunning. With TV appearances, all the misses get edited out. The Numbers Lady just spews random garbage but says it with confidence and stands her ground even when she’s dead wrong. It’s still bogus.

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