Dr Oz Iyanla’s 3 Life Habits To Stay Unstuck & Calming Epsom Salt Bath


Dr Oz: Iyanla Vanzant’s Three Causes Of Emotional Pain

Dr. Oz talked to Iyanla Vanzant about the three causes of emotional pain and how you can heal your pain if you give yourself permission to feel it and deal with it. She says women are especially guilty of not taking care of themselves and asking for help, but she says it is important if you want to be healthy.

Dr Oz: Emotional Freedom Technique

Epsom Salt Bath

Iyanla Vanzant says the best way a woman can take care of herself is by soaking in an epsom salt bath for 20 minutes a day. It is relaxing after a long day and helps to pull toxins from your body and send them down the drain!

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