Dr Oz: Jill Kargman Insomnia Tip & Retrain Brain To Like Cilantro


Dr Oz: Jill Kargman Sister-In-Law Drew Barrymore

Dr Oz was back with Jill Kargman from Bravo’s Odd Mom Out. Jill is actually Drew Barrymore’s ex-sister-in-law. While that “ex” part may drive some family members apart, that wasn’t the case with Jill. Despite Drew’s divorce from her husband, Drew still very close with Jill’s family, especially because of the kids. Jill believes once you’re family, you’re always family.

Dr Oz: Jill Kargman Anti-Rules

On a different note, Dr Oz wanted to hear more about Jill’s anti-rules. Jill explained that sometimes your regimen is to not have a regimen, which is the case for her. She describes herself as flexible and said one of her things is embracing insomnia, which truly fascinated Dr Oz.

Because she claims she has to pee every night at 3:14 AM, Jill found ways to help ease her mind into sleep, despite laying there for a while before she actually falls asleep. One of the things she makes a point to do is think of random thoughts instead of very specific, thought-provoking things. For example, instead of politics she may think about “why does stuff taste better on thin, long spoons?” or “thumb-wrestling kind of just went away.”


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