Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa Rivers Fashion Police Review & Bad Breath Remedy


Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best

Dr. Oz sat down with Joan Rivers for the first time ever! They talked about using humor to get through difficult times as well as Joan’s plastic surgery, but there was one topic that brought Joan Rivers to tears. She talked about the effects of her husband’s suicide and the anger she felt toward him at the time. Grab some tissues because you might shed a few tears, mostly from laughing, as it is Joan Rivers uncensored like you have never seen her before!

Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa Rivers Fashion Police

Dr. Oz and Joan Rivers were joined on stage by Joan’s daughter Melissa who says her biggest concern about her mother’s plastic surgery is that the risks are beginning to outweigh the benefits, especially now that she is older, so she really does not see the point of her mother continuing to have procedures at the age of 79. Melissa says her favorite part of working with her mom on their show Fashion Police is that she gets to be Joan’s boss for a couple hours a week, which she says her mother mostly ignores. She then told Dr. Oz the worst part about living together with her mom is living with her mom. Melissa says her mother has gradually taken over her home and even her dogs spend more time with Joan then they do with her.

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