Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa Rivers Fashion Police Review & Bad Breath Remedy

By on April 2, 2013

Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best

Dr. Oz sat down with Joan Rivers for the first time ever! They talked about using humor to get through difficult times as well as Joan’s plastic surgery, but there was one topic that brought Joan Rivers to tears. She talked about the effects of her husband’s suicide and the anger she felt toward him at the time. Grab some tissues because you might shed a few tears, mostly from laughing, as it is Joan Rivers uncensored like you have never seen her before!

Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa Rivers Fashion Police

Dr. Oz and Joan Rivers were joined on stage by Joan’s daughter Melissa who says her biggest concern about her mother’s plastic surgery is that the risks are beginning to outweigh the benefits, especially now that she is older, so she really does not see the point of her mother continuing to have procedures at the age of 79. Melissa says her favorite part of working with her mom on their show Fashion Police is that she gets to be Joan’s boss for a couple hours a week, which she says her mother mostly ignores. She then told Dr. Oz the worst part about living together with her mom is living with her mom. Melissa says her mother has gradually taken over her home and even her dogs spend more time with Joan then they do with her.

Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa Rivers Fashion Police Review & Bad Breath Remedy

Joan and Melissa Rivers said the most offensive health mistake they see on the red carpet is bad breath! Dr Oz recommends eating a few whole fennel seeds to not only help with your breath, but also to aid digestion. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Joan Rivers’ Worst Habit

Dr. Oz asked Joan and Melissa Rivers to share each other’s worst habit. Melissa told him her mother’s worst habit is eating junk food in the morning. She revealed her mom likes to eat M&M’s in the morning as well as Cool Whip. Melissa says Joan puts Cool Whip on everything, including pistachio muffins, which Melissa finds gross. Joan added she has even been known to have a glass of red wine with her breakfast in the morning.

Dr Oz: Melissa Rivers’ Cigarette Smoking

None of Joan Rivers’ bad habits concern Dr. Oz nearly as much as Melissa’s worst habit, which is smoking. She says she has cut way back and now smokes just 5-7 cigarettes a day, but of course Dr. Oz would like to see her quit smoking all together. He told her he could recite a bunch of statistics and health risks, but he finds that usually does not help. Instead he finds that showing people what they are doing to their bodies often has a more powerful effect, so he handed Joan and Melissa each a pair of purple gloves to give Melissa a true visual look at what smoking is doing to her body. As she looked at the blackened lung from the body of a person who smoked, Dr. Oz promised Melissa he would personally help her quit smoking if she feels she is worth it. She promised she would do it, not only for herself, but also for her mother and her son.

Joan & Melissa Rivers: Bad Breath On the Red Carpet

Dr. Oz says Joan and Melissa Rivers never hold back on their show Fashion Police as they call out celebrities who make fashion mistakes, but today he is focused on the health mistakes they have witnessed on the red carpet. Joan Rivers says the biggest health mistake she sees on the red carpet is bad breath. She says most of the celebrities are dieting and have not eaten for 3 days, so by the time she interviews them their breath is horrible.

Dr Oz: Bad Breath Remedy

Dr. Oz recommended an easy remedy for bad breath that also helps to alleviate bloating. He says eating a few whole fennel seeds right after a meal will give you fresher breath and comfort your belly by aiding digestion.

Dr Oz: Treat Bunions With Gel Cushions

Melissa Rivers says the number one health problem she sees on the red carpet is women with bunions. She says their feet look awful and a lot of them are quite neurotic about it. Dr. Oz says that while the cause of bunions can be partially genetic, it is mostly due to wearing high heels. He recommends a small gel cushion that you simply place between the first two toes on your foot. It will help to relieve the pressure caused by the bunion and can even be worn with high-heeled shoes.

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