Dr Oz Joan Rivers Bulimia & How Many Times Has She Had Plastic Surgery


Dr Oz: How Many Times Has Joan Rivers Had Plastic Surgery?

You are in for a real treat today because for the very first time Dr. Oz is sitting down with Joan Rivers to have an uncensored conversation about her life, her career, and the struggles along the way. She is bound to make you laugh and maybe even shed a few tears because this is Joan Rivers like you have never seen her before!

Joan Rivers: “Laugh At Yourself So Nobody Else Can Make a Fool Of You”

Joan Rivers is known for saying whatever she feels, and she believes you have to laugh at yourself first so nobody else can make a fool of you. She admits it is about insecurities, which we all have, but Dr. Oz wonders how she has not been able to get past all of her own insecurities over the years. Joan Rivers told Dr. Oz her insecurities have mostly stemmed from the negative image she has of her body, but now she says getting old is what bothers her the most.

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