Dr Oz: Keeping Things Fresh In Marriage & Dropping Testosterone Levels


Dr Oz: Marriage Advice From Terry & Rebecca Crews

Do you feel like your marriage needs a little help? Have you been married for many years, but feel like the spark is missing between you and your spouse? Dr. Oz’s guests, Terry and Rebecca Crews, have the solutions to help you bring life back to your marriage!

Dr. Oz: How To Keep Things Fresh In Marriage

Terry and Rebecca Crews, relationship experts, have been together for 24 years and they have some secrets that could help you and your spouse get healthy together. Rebecca told Dr. Oz that they do a lot together and have a lot of the same values, which is why she believes they have been together for so many years.



  1. CCH says

    YEs, it SHOULD be taken personally by women if the man is not attractive to the woman much. Being attractive or not is NOT dependent on hormones. If one LOVES someone, that person will ALWAYS be attractive. Get REAL!!

    Oh.. his wants, needs, and desires change. BIG DEAL!! So do women’s, but women are ALWAYS made to feel guilty no matter the reason!! EVEN WHEN THE MAN IS A LOUSE!!!!!!! Men should be made to feel the same darn way.. guilty if they have no/low desire or maybe unattractive!!

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