Kelly Osbourne Lyme Disease Frankfurt, Germany Stem Cell Cure


Dr Oz: Kelly Osbourne’s Lyme Disease Cure in Germany

Kelly Osbourne recently opened up for the first time about an illness she struggled with for ten years. She explained to Dr. Oz that because of her past with drug and alcohol abuse, her friends and family didn’t take her seriously and even called it her “traveling pain.” But then one day she had a seizure while filming Fashion Police. She had a three-minute grand mal seizer and was eventually diagnosed with Epilepsy. She was put on brain tranquilizers which had a side effect, so they put her on another medication to care of that side effect, which had another side effect, so the medications kept piling on. But wait until you read on the next page about how she found out that she had Lyme Disease!  Plus, the unexpected cure Kelly Osbourne found in Frankfurt, Germany…

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