Dr Oz: Lasik Surgery Complications & Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe?


Dr Oz: Is Lasik Surgery Safe?

Dr. Oz and consumer expert Elisabeth Leamy revealed the shocking results of Elisabeth’s Lasik Surgery undercover investigation that includes information you must see before considering this risky elective procedure for yourself. They also discussed what really happens during Lasik eye surgery.

Dr Oz: Lasik Surgery Complications

While many people have strong reservations about Lasik eye surgery, there are some who are huge advocates for the elective procedure, including ophthalmologist Dr. Julius Shulman, who believes Lasik surgery can be done safely and effectively in the right situation. Dr. Shulman says he is quite startled by what Elisabeth Leamy’s investigation has uncovered because he personally has had much success with the procedure for his patients. Dr. Oz asked Dr. Shulman about data which shows a complication rate of 20% in the following areas:

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