Dr Oz: Long Island Medium Real or Hoax? Theresa Caputo Waste of Money?

By on October 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Heals Anxiety?

Dr Oz invited Long Island Medium star and psychic Theresa Caputo back on his show to discuss how communicating with the dead helped her overcome panic attacks. She also put a woman’s fears to rest about her health with a Theresa Caputo soul reading. Next, Dr Oz introduced her to a woman who wanted to know whether her own anxiety was a sign of a psychic gift like Theresa’s.

Long Island Medium Real or Hoax? Is Anxiety Psychic Ability?

Is the Long Island Medium real or hoax? Find out what Dr Oz and Theresa Caputo discussed about the connections of anxiety and psychic ability.

Danielle described her symptoms as bombardment of confusing thoughts. She said she hopes she isn’t crazy. Theresa said that while this information might not make sense to her, it would definitely click for the intended recipient of the message. What would you do if some crazy woman came up to you in public and started giving you information about your deceased loved ones, though?

Dr Oz: Long Island Medium Real or Hoax?

Theresa said that her psychic gifts get in the way of normal conversations. In fact, she had to give a reading on the spot to the woman sitting next to Danielle. She said that she is hearing messages from people all the time, and feels compelled to pass them on to others.

Here’s my take on Theresa Caputo: whether she is the real deal or not, this is fascinating. I think the history of religion has proved that we have the capacity to believe in things we can’t fully explain, and that humans have an innate desire to rationalize the afterlife.

Psychics like the Long Island Medium exist in a unique space, where there abilities seem to stretch just a little too far to be completely written off as body language or mental tricks. On the other hand, I doubt this is a broadly applicable anxiety cure. What do you think about Theresa’s gifts and today’s episode?

Dr Oz: How To Use Your Psychic Abilities

Dr Oz said that other people watching this show might be feeling anxiety, and like Danielle, could believe that it is a connection to the afterlife. He asked Theresa for her perspective. She said that she has used meditation to clear her mind and begin to understand her gifts.

She said that staying grounded is key, and she tries to focus on only the messages that are helpful or preventative. I wonder what it’s like to be inside this woman’s head.

“You’ve stretched my mind out so much, my brains are falling out,” Dr Oz said. You can see more of Theresa’s special style on Long Island Medium, which airs Sunday nights on TLC.

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