Dr Oz: Manology Book Review & Difference Between Male & Female Brains


Dr Oz: Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson

The unlikely duo of Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson teamed up to write Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed and they must have done something right because it has become a bestseller on Amazon and even surpassed Fifty Shades of Grey in sales. Dr. Oz sat down with both of them to talk about why they decided to write it as well as why they believe the book has been such a big hit with women.

Rev Run: “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

Tyrese Gibson told Dr. Oz that men and women relate very differently to each other so the book is a way for women to understand how men think. He says he was able to use his own life experiences, including the many mistakes he made along the way, to write this book and give women a better understanding of the man in their own life. Rev Run explained how he too drew from his own life when writing the book. He told Dr. Oz his relationship with his wife and with God are the two things that keep him faithful and grounded, adding “happy wife, happy life.”

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