Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Large Sugary Drink Ban & What Is a Nanny State?


Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Sugary Drink Ban

Does the government have the right to tell you what is good for you? Should they be able to tell you what to eat and drink? Dr. Oz sat down with controversial mayor Michael Bloomberg to discuss his initiative to ban large sugary drinks in restaurants and movie theaters. Has he gone too far? Find out what he had to say about the legislation and why he feels it is so important.

Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg’s Smoking Ban

New York City Mayor Bloomberg says that while many consider him a controversial politician he believes it is his duty to improve the lives of the people he serves. He told Dr. Oz that even though many people have not initially liked the changes he has made, like banning smoking in New York City bars and restaurants, they eventually come around when they realize it was truly in their best interest. Most recently the controversial mayor has made headlines with his proposal to ban large sized sugary drinks in New York City and allow nothing larger than 16 ounces be sold in restaurants and movie theaters.

Dr Oz: Should You Be Able To Buy Soda With Food Stamps?

Did you know that soda is the largest source of empty calories in our diets? That could be why Mayor Bloomberg fought to have it removed from the list of allowable items you can purchase with food stamps. He explained the purpose of food stamps is to improve the lives of those who are struggling financially, so why should they be allowed to purchase soda, which just puts empty calories into their bodies with no nutritional value? Unfortunately, the government did not agree with Mayor Bloomberg because they refused to add that restriction for those who receive food stamps.

Dr Oz: Americans Drink 44 Gallons Of Soda Per Year

Sugary Drink Ban

Mayor Bloomberg sat down with Dr Oz to talk about his controversial plan to ban large sugary drinks in New York City. Has he gone too far?


  1. Lisa says

    After Oz said the Government should step up and tell us what to eat and drink I will never watch his show again. This is AMERICA!

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