Dr Oz: McGhee Sextuplets Raising 6 Toddlers & Selective Reduction


Dr Oz: McGhee Sextuplets Raising Multiples

Dr. Oz has never experienced the challenge he is facing on his show today. He is welcoming the McGhee family to his show, which includes parents Mia and Rozonno, and their sextuplet toddlers. They are all taking over the entire stage, which is bound to create a little bit of chaos.

Dr Oz: McGhee Sextuplets Infertility

Like so many couples, Mia and Rozonno McGhee wanted to start a family. Unfortunately, it was a struggle for them to get pregnant, so they turned to fertility drugs in the hopes of being able to conceive a child. On their first try, Mia became pregnant with twins, but that pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage. Not wanting to give up hope, she and Rozonno decided to try again and the next time they got way more than they ever expected.


  1. Jennifer says

    “Selective reduction” is a sneaky way of couching what is happening – parents are choosing which children to kill. Whether you consider a fetus to be worthy of rights or not, it is still killing that fetus (little one, in Latin.) Let’s be honest.

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