Dr Oz: Meditation Sleep Remedy, Coffee Enemas & My Strange Addiction


Dr Oz: My Strange Addiction

Dr. Oz shared the scary facts surrounding sleeping pills and their link to an increased risk for cancer. He outlined the side effects you need to be aware of, along with the added risks for women. Dr. Janet Engle shared the FDA’s new guidelines for taking sleeping pills and their recommendations may just surprise you!

Dr Oz: Meditation for Sleep

Dr Oz: Meditation Sleep Remedy, Coffee Enemas & My Strange Addiction

Dr Mike Dow explained how people who are addicted to coffee enemas could find help.


  1. Laurie says

    Dr. Oz, please read-up more on coffee enemas. They are not meant to clean you out; more for pain relief and assisting the liver with detoxing. I have doing coffee enemas for almost six months. I am on the Gerson Therapy and do three a day. I am doing great and, while not addicted to coffee enemas, love them a lot! Aloha! We love your show and even attended a live taping in New York. An experience we will never forget! Loved the comedian too!

  2. Catherine says

    Thank you Laurie for your post! I also do coffee enemas (thanks to exploring Gerson Therapy). I find that there is not a single OTC or prescription pain reliever or muscle relaxer that works for any of my aches or pains. However, coffee enemas (done only once or twice daily) take me from debilitating menstrual cramps to zero pain. I can have seriously knotted muscles from sanding for 9 hours straight – do an enema before dinner and again before breakfast – and be ready to do another 9 hours with little to no pain. Give me a pharmacological “remedy” and I get more pain from the many crazy side effects. As with most things, done in moderation with extreme attention paid to one’s body signals/reactions, coffee enemas can be a game changer! (And it doesn’t take me but 30 very relaxing minutes.)

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