Dr Oz: Miracles Now Review & Would You Speak Up for Someone?


Dr Oz: What Would You Do in an Uncomfortable Health Situation?

Dr. Oz decided to turn the cameras for an investigation into human nature. He wanted to see what people would do if they witnessed an uncomfortable health situation. Would you speak up and get involved or would you stay quiet and mind your own business? Dr. Oz says he was surprised to see how people reacted to certain situations when they thought nobody was watching.

Dr Oz: Waitress Insults Overweight Diner

Dr. Oz and his team took over a New York City diner and set up a scenario where a waitress offers unsolicited advice to an overweight customer who she thinks is ordering way too much unhealthy food. He also asked life coach Gabrielle Bernstein to be his eyes and ears as she looked on via hidden camera to see how other diners reacted to the waitress’s comments.

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