Dr Oz: Montel Williams Behind The Scenes, Jerry Springer Politics


Dr Oz: Behind The Scenes Of Montel Williams’ Show

Dr Oz was thrilled to welcome, for the first time daytime talk show hosts Sally Jessy Raphael, Jerry Springer, and Montel Williams to his set. Dr Oz turned to Montel to find out, if he was still doing his show today, how he would do it differently. Montel claimed he wouldn’t do anything differently. At his show, they were the first to have an after-care program. They had a staff psychiatrist that would literally send people off to rehab centers. He would have kept it the same way because every producer had a card on their desk that reminded them it wasn’t about what happened but why it happened and what the solution is. His show was about raising awareness about real problems and then giving people solutions.

Montel recently came on Dr Oz’s show to talk about stem cells, which caused a lot of chatter afterward. Montel took a moment to say that a very big newspaper wrote an article about how Dr Oz was the only brave enough to call out the industry, and everyone should be applauding him.


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