Dr Oz & Nate Berkus: Reduce Stress In Your Home & Help To End Anxiety


Dr Oz: Nate Berkus – Put Your Feet Up To End Anxiety

Dr. Oz has been talking with his guest and close friend, Nate Berkus. Nate is one of the most well known Interior Designers and he recently wrote a book, The Things That Matter, to help you get physically and emotionally organized in your own life. Nate spoke openly about the darkest time in his life as well as what he does now to take care of himself and stay looking so young.

Dr Oz: Nate Berkus Most Emotional Piece of Art

Nate Berkus gave Dr. Oz and his audience a first-hand peek into his home to share some of his favorite items along with a little organization advice. He shared the one most emotional piece of artwork that he owns, which hangs on the wall in his dining room. Nate says this piece gives him hope that he can continue to move on and forward with his life after losing his partner, Fernando, because it was actually hand woven by Fernando. Nate expressed how important it is to have pieces of art or furniture in your home that you love and bring about emotion when you look at them.

Dr Oz: Home Design Health Impact

End Anxiety with an Ottoman

Nate Berkus says you can end anxiety by purchasing an ottoman and spending a few minutes every day with your feet up while you appreciate everything that you have.

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