Dr Oz: Noreena Hertz Eyes Wide Open & Struggling with Decision Making


Dr Oz: Struggling with Decision Making

Dr Oz: Eyes Wide Open Noreena Hertz & Struggling with Decision Making

Dr Oz says struggling with decision making can lead to anxiety, which can then cause an increased heart rate and put your health at risk.

Do you often have a hard time making decisions? Do you ever feel gripped with fear that you are making the wrong decision? Dr. Oz believes this is one of the biggest things causing problems for our health and even leading to issues like depression and anxiety, so he invited Noreena Hertz to discuss ways we can all become better decision makers.

Dr Oz: Eyes Wide Open by Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz, author of Eyes Wide Open, says so many of us get stressed when we have to make a big decision, which can often lead to serious health problems. She adds that we often take a simple decision and turn it into something huge, which increases our stress and anxiety while taking a big toll on our health.


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