Dr Oz: Nurses Tell All – ‘NY Med’ Accuracy & Life in the ER

By on September 20, 2012

Dr Oz: NY Med – The Nurses Tell All

Today’s show was a reunion with the cast of summer reality show NY Med. In another clip from the series, Dr Oz busted some of the nurses and interrogated them about their lunch choices. He wanted to talk with nurses from the show about their experiences in the hospital. When the nurses tell all, do they think they were portrayed fairly?

He called nurses “the lifeblood of every hospital,” and in a highlight package from NY Med, they could be seen helping patients and coordinating with other medical employees. Diana, Marina, and Katie were each showcased this summer on the show.

They admitted that the things they see and experience on the job can change themselves as people. One of the patients hit on a nurse, while another hoped to find love despite being conflicted about the possibilities.

Dr Oz: NY Med Nurses Relationship Status

Dr Oz: Nurses Tell All - 'NY Med' Accuracy & Life in the ER

The NY Med nurses tell all about their experiences on the show. Do they think they were portrayed fairly? What is their relationship status?

RN Marina Dedivanovic ended the show in a relationship after struggling to make a decision. Since filming concluded, so did her romance, but she has since moved on to someone else, and things are going well.

RN Diana Costine said she broke up with the person she was dating on the show, which she admitted was filmed “over a year ago.” She is single and “taking applications,” but if the nurses had the same following as Dr Sebastian, they weren’t represented in the audience.

At least Marina set Diana up on a blind date. The nurses said that relationship issues and infidelity are universal issues that are relatable no matter what your career path might be.

Dr Oz: Nurse Katie Duke – Happily Single Prankster

Also on the panel was RN Katie Duke, who is happily single at age 31. She has plenty on her plate between grad school and running marathons as a hobby. “I think it’s important for somebody to know what they want in life, and know when the right time is,” she said.

Katie impressed Dr Oz during the show by executing an impressive and elaborate prank. In the clip from NY Med, she zipped herself up inside a body bag to scare a doctor on his last day of a rotation in the emergency room. When he unzipped the body bag, Katie shocked the doctor, who at least took the joke very well.

Dr Oz: Life in the ER

Dr Oz said he knows that it’s hard to work in the ER sometimes, because difficult cases do affect the medical staff. Diana opened up about the balancing act she undergoes every day, and said it’s hard to keep from getting too emotionally invested in patients’ lives and stories.

Katie said that any day you can send a patient back home is a gift, and she is thankful that this gets to happen most days. “It’s a career that every day is rewarding,” she said.

Dr Oz: NY Med Accuracy & Nurses Portrayal

Finally, he asked Marina what she thought about the portrayal of nurses on the show. Did they get it right and do her colleagues justice? She said she thought the show presented an accurate portrayal of the situation.

“You can’t make this stuff up. This is what we do for a living, and this was not acting. This is real life,” Marina said.

The nurses told Dr Oz never to come interrogate them about their lunch choices. I wouldn’t mess with these nurses.

Dr Oz: NY Med Update – Pete

Pete was on the show this summer for a heart transplant. He had Congestive Heart Failure, and since the procedure, he is relieved to have recovered. He had a supportive community around him, and he is grateful for a new lease on life.

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