Dr Oz: ‘NY Med’ Cast – NY Med Vs Grey’s Anatomy & Nurses Vs Doctors

By on September 20, 2012

Dr Oz: Inside NY Med

This summer, while Dr Oz was in reruns, viewers got the chance to see him in a different light on the medical documentary series NY Med. It was set in the hospital where Dr Oz works as a surgeon, and he got the chance to interact with a new class of doctors and nurses who were featured in the show.

Dr Oz showed some highlights from NY Med, produced by ABC News. Normally cameras aren’t allowed in operating rooms and hospitals, but reality shows in this vein have proven popular with viewers, and they’re more intense than their scripted counterparts.

The emotions and emergencies are real, and the energy is palpable. Doctors and nurses never know what they might encounter in the hospital. In one clip, Dr Oz even danced with a distinguished female patient.

Dr Oz: New York Med Cast Reunion

After the clip package, Dr Oz introduced his guests, who are all familiar faces from NY Med:

  • Dr Anthony Watkins – the funny guy
  • Dr Sebastian Schubl – the McDreamy clone
  • Dr Arundi Mahendran – the pop idol
  • Dr Debbie Yi – “off the market”

He also introduced the nurses from the show who were his guests today.

  • Katie Duke – prankster
  • Diana Costine – lovelorn
  • Marina Dedivanovic – conflicted in love

Dr Oz: NY Med Vs Grey’s Anatomy

Dr Oz: 'NY Med' Cast - NY Med Vs Grey's Anatomy & Nurses Vs Doctors

Dr Oz reunited the cast of summer reality documentary ‘NY Med’ to get the true story on nurses vs doctors, NY Med vs Grey’s Anatomy & more.

As someone who participated in the show on the periphery, Dr Oz said he was surprised by the huge reaction from audiences. He asked what his guests thought about their instant fame.

“Americans love medical dramas, and New York Med was the real life Grey’s Anatomy,” Dr Yi said.

Dr Mahendran credited the show’s popularity with the mix of patient cases and personal lives of hospital staff. Dr Schubl reminded everyone that it was unscripted and they weren’t ever prompted to say or do anything for the cameras. The other cast members all agreed that this show was the real deal.

Dr Oz alluded to the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction in saying that scripted medical shows have to make their stories more believable than what viewers saw on NY Med.

Dr Oz: Steamy Scenes on NY Med?

Dr Oz asked fellow doc Anthony Watkins about any steamy scenes he didn’t see on the show. Transplant surgeon Dr Watkins said he’s married with kids, so he definitely wasn’t getting any action in the on call room. He suggested that the docs on the show handled their personal affairs away from work.

Are the cast members being recognized on the street? The nurses and doctors have gotten a few bursts of recognition, including one rectal exam patient who claimed he recognized Dr Yi’s fingers.

Dr Oz: Arundi Mahedran NY Med Vocalist

Dr Mahedran has been approached to sing on command for strangers, because she showed off her talents on TV. The transplant surgeon would rather be recognized for her medical background. In a clip from the show, Arundi showed off her pipes in the hospital chapel. She said that she never got much traction in school drama departments.

Dr Oz said he felt the show did a good job reflecting “the soul of healing.” He asked about how music and medicine intersect for Dr Mahedran. She said that singing kept her grounded through her training and residency. “That’s what music does for me. It reminds me of who I am,” she said.

Dr Oz: Doctors Dating Doctors

And what about those interoffice romances? On the show, Dr Debbie Yi insisted she would never marry a doctor, but it sounds like things have changed. In a clip from the show, she said that doctors end up together because they are weird. She did end up getting engaged, but requested a ring that would fit under her size small gloves.

Dr Debbie Yi said she doesn’t think that people outside the field would put up with the hectic schedules and lives of doctors. She said it’s nice to have someone to talk to about your day who understands what you’re going through at work. Dr Oz said his own wife’s father was also a heart surgeon.

Dr Oz: Nurses Vs Doctors

He next turned to RN Katie Duke for her perspective on the relationship between nurses and doctors. Katie said she thinks the team has to band together through good and bad times. She said they are like a family because they spend so much time together and share their lives with one another.

Nurse Diana Costine said that there is some buzz among fans that NY Med doc Sebastian Schul might be the next star of another ABC reality series, The Bachelor. Could it happen? That depends on whether the doctor is still single.

Dr Oz: NY Med Update – Rhonda

In a patient update, Rhonda reported that she was surprised to learn how intense her tumor removal surgery on the show would be. She said she has nearly fully recovered and has since graduated from nursing school. Did you watch NY Med this summer? Whose story are you most excited to hear?

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