Dr Oz: NY Med – Is Dr Arundi Dr Anthony’s Work Wife? Are They Married?

By on September 20, 2012

Dr Oz: Dr Arundi & Dr Anthony

The cast of NY Med reunited on Dr Oz’s show, and as they explained, they develop close friendships as a result of their crazy schedules. Two friends in particular seem to have a special connection. You can tell they are friends because of the way they playfully bicker. Dr Arundi Mahendran and Dr Anthony Watkins talked about their unique working partnership. What do you think of the “work wife” concept?

NY Med: Are These Two Married?

Dr Oz: NY Med - Is Dr Arundi Dr Anthony's Work Wife? Are They Married?

Dr Oz talked with Dr Arundi and Dr Anthony from the TV show NY Med. They discussed their relationship as colleagues. Is she his work wife?

Right off the bat, they announced that they aren’t married. In fact, Dr Anthony has been married for 10 years. Dr Arundi explained that residency and fellowship can be grueling and difficult. “If you don’t have someone that you can work closely with…you can trust, you can fight with, and kind of basically just provide a really good support network,” she said. “That’s why it’s so important to have a co-fellow that you can do that with.”

Dr Oz said that’s true in other aspects of life as well. But the ability to rely on your co-worker is critical in the transplant surgeries these two take on. Work friendships allow colleagues to leave their stress and emotions at the hospital instead of bringing them home.

Dr Oz: Work Wife & Hospital Stress

Dr Anthony talked about why they have such a unique and compelling relationship. They made a conscious decision to have fun and dissipate some of the tensions that can run high in the operating room.

But what does Dr Anthony’s wife think of his work friendship? He said that his wife and Arundi know one another outside the hospital. Arundi said that her boyfriend is also supportive of their work relationship.

Do you have a work spouse? How do you think these relationships help or hurt your romantic life?

Dr Oz: NY Med Update – Megan

Megan gave an update on her daughter Petra’s heart tumor, which was removed on the hospital drama NY Med. She said the situation was a nightmare, since the situation could’ve been fatal. She was grateful to see Dr Q after the successful surgery, and her daugher seems to be doing fine as well.

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