Dr Oz: ‘NY Med’ Updates – Mitral Valve Leak & Inoperable Liver Cancer

By on September 20, 2012

Dr Oz: NY Med Updates

Dr Oz spent his show with the cast of NY Med. But he was also a featured star of the show, behind the scenes at New York Presbyterian Hospital. In this segment, he caught up with his own mitral valve leak patient and got the remarkable story of a man who has stunned his doctors by staying alive despite terminal Liver Cancer.

Dr Oz: NY Med Mitral Valve Update

In a clip from the show, Dr Oz me with patient Jack Abramson, who had a Mitral Valve Leak in his heart, leading to heart failure. Dr Oz wanted to to repair the valve in surgery, and patient Jack appreciated his bedside manner.

Now, in the studio, Jack joined Dr Oz for an update on his story. He said he is feeling great since the surgery and is glad to have gotten back in shape.

Dr Oz: Humor in the OR

Dr Oz: 'NY Med' Updates - Mitral Valve Leak & Inoperable Liver Cancer

Dr Oz got updates on two memorable ‘NY Med’ patients with a mitral valve leak & inoperable liver cancer; using humor in the operating room.

Also on the show was cardiac surgeon Dr Mike Argenziano, who apparently likes to keep it light in the tense operating room environment. Dr Oz asked how he sets the mood.

“When the surgeon uses humor, it really just relaxes everyone. Because in the room people think, …if he’s making jokes, then he’s not nervous. And if he’s not nervous, then things are going to be OK,’” Dr Argenziano explained.

Dr Oz: Life and Death in the OR

Another patient on the show did not have as positive an outcome as Jack’s story. Cornell had liver surgery on NY Med, but during the procedure, doctors made a shocking discovery. A world famous surgeon agreed to operate on Cornell’s liver cancer, which is a decision many doctors apparently won’t make in this situation.

But during the procedure, the surgical team discovered new lesions, which could have turned out to be cancerous. When the results came back, the news was devastating for Cornell’s family. The prognosis was six months or less.

Dr Oz: NY Med – Cornell’s Update

Shockingly, when the clip ended, Cornell was alive and sitting next to Dr Oz. Is this another medical miracle? Dr Oz said that he doesn’t like to give a timeline on how long people have to live. But Cornell has already lived twice as long as his doctors predicted.

Cornell explained that he has heard death dates before from his medical team. He credits God and faith with his continued perseverance, and thanked his wife for supporting him through it all. The support of family and friends have also been encouraging for Cornell, who said that his cancer seems to be a challenge for medical researchers and surgeons.

Dr Oz: Inoperable Liver Cancer

Since this form of Liver Cancer currently seems to be incurable, Cornell and his wife have decided to get on with their lives, attending family reunions and planning a vacation in Ireland for next summer.

Dr Oz thought this was great. But Cornell had a great point: “What are you going to do? Sit around and be depressed and wait to die?”

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