Dr Oz: “Odd Mom Out” Jill Kargman Melanoma Health Scare


Dr Oz: Author Actress Jill Kargman

Jill Kargman joined Dr Oz to reveal why being imperfect is actually good for your health. The star of Odd Mom Out sat down with Dr Oz who praised her for acknowledging those awkward moments when you’re feeling left out. Jill explained that she just didn’t want people to feel as alone as she did when she didn’t fit in as a new mom. Jill admitted that she was feeling very vulnerable and even recalled going on a walk with her baby when a friend of a friend saw her. The woman literally grabbed her chest and asked “How is the nursing going?” But when Jill told her she was bottle feeding the woman said “Shame on you! Your child is going to have a lower IQ.”

She cried after it happened but now she laughs about it as a coping mechanism. Additionally, Jill experienced a health scare that opened her eyes even more to the idea of being imperfect.


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