Dr Oz: Parasite Infection Warning & What Causes Parasite Infections?


Dr Oz: Parasite Infection Warning!

Dr. Oz says at least 1 in 3 people has some form of a parasite growing inside their body right now and they do not even know it! The problem is that these toxic intruders often go undetected by doctors, leaving you with chronic fatigue or nausea, but in some cases it can lead to something much worse!

Dr Oz: What Causes Parasite Infections?

Dr Oz: Parasite Infection Warning & What Causes Parasite Infections?

Dr Oz says there are several ways to get an infection from a parasite, including traveling to a foreign country, our water supply and poor sanitation.


  1. Michelle says

    I have been suffering with a parasitic infection for 3 years. I have no life and stay sick from one or all symptoms everyday. I have been to countless doctors leaving disappointed from every appointment. I am told I am delusional. I have gotten so depressed at times I have considered suicide. I have cyst on my skin, I have excessive gas, green foul smelling poop, my eyesight has been diminishing and I have had a raised red spot in the corner of my eye. I have lost 30 pounds and the thought of eating makings me nauseated. I have been to every kind of octor so I don’t want to go that route again. Every single one tells me I am delusional. Please help.

  2. says

    Hi Dr Oz,
    I have had Cancer 3 times in 4 years and out of that I have had Stage 4 twice. I KNOW the root cause of cancer and would LOVE to share it with you. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find says the Lord. I have prayed and researched this for years as I told GOD I will NEVER perish from this disease. The root cause IS parasites and candida. When I saw your show it was affirmation from above. Everything you talked about I have been doing. Do you know they give cows chemo as a dewormer? I could help spread the WORD as 2014 IS the Year of the Awakening! Let’s save lives and get rid of greed, corruption and money!
    In Christ, Kellee

  3. Cheryle Johnson says

    I watched your show today, Jan.6th,2014. Also seen one sometime the end of 2013. A few years back I got very sick. I had diarrhea and vomiting all at the same time. It was at least 3 maybe 4 times a day. I was afraid to eat or go anywhere, not being able to get to the bathroom. I finally went to the family Dr. and lots of test where done and was sent to other Dr’s. They never found anything, I felt like they think it was all in my head. I lost 10 lbs a month this went on for 4 months. so total of 40 lbs I lost. After all the test I thought I need to find out something on my own to maybe help stop this. I found out if I ate some yogurt and only sol milk I would be ok. SO I looked up all the sol foods and started eating them little bit at a time not wanting to get sick. After about 2 weeks of doing this, I started to get better. But I really thought I was going to slowly die with out any help. I ate fish like I still do and think that maybe that’s what got me sick since watching your show. the feelings seem like what your show was talking about.

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