Dr Oz: RealAge Test & Do Blood Pressure & Lack of Sleep Affect Aging?


Dr Oz: What Is Your RealAge?

Dr. Oz welcomed the creators of the RealAge Test to his show today. Dr. Michael Roizen calls the RealAge Test a report card for how you are aging because it takes every aspect of your life into consideration to determine your RealAge, which might be younger, or older, than your “calendar” age. Dr. Roizen says the age on your driver’s license is simply the number of years you have been alive, but you do not age according to that number. He explained you age based on habits, lifestyle and genetics, which makes your RealAge a truly personalized look at how you are really doing and whether you are aging too quickly or at just the right pace.

Dr Oz: Can You Improve Your RealAge?

Dr. Keith Roach, one of the creators of the RealAge Test, says while you cannot control your genetics you can definitely control every other factor that causes your body to age. He says regardless of your RealAge there are several things you can do to improve that number and improve your health.

Dr Oz: RealAge Test Questions

Dr. Oz recommends you begin by taking the RealAge Test, which can be found at his website. He shared the first set of questions:

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