Dr Oz: Seaweed Shampoo, Dead Sea Salt & Green Algae for Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s Potions From The Ocean To Look Younger segment spoke about three different products that you can find at the store in the beauty department, all of which use ingredients from the ocean.  Doctor Oz spoke about Dead Sea Salt, Green Algae and Seaweed Shampoo – do you know what each of these products is good for?

Dr Oz: Dead Sea Salts for Dry Skin

Dr Oz’s first question was which potion from the ocean will heal dry skin?  Dead Sea Salts or Sea Sand?  The answer is that Dr Oz Ocean PotionsDead Sea Salts are taken from the Dead Sea and have a miraculous healing ability that we do not yet understand.  But we think that one of the reasons that Dead Sea Salt is so good for dry skin is because it has magnesium in it, which takes away itchy, flaky skin and stops irritation.

Dr Oz: Green Algae Prevents Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s second question was which potion from the ocean will prevent wrinkles?  Green Algae or Sea Mud?  The answer is that Green Algae can help prevent wrinkles and is also a great treatment for skin ailments like Rosacea and Psoriasis.

Dr Oz: Seaweed Shampoo

Dr Oz’s third question was which potion from the ocean will nourish your hair?  Seaweed Shampoo or Sea Moss Shampoo?  The answer is that Seaweed Shampoo has the same minerals in it from being in the sea as you find in our own blood, and so it is great for your hair.  Now if only Doctor Oz had not revealed the answer before his two contestants had guessed the answer!  But he was a sport and gave both ladies a prize: a basket full of all of these Ocean Potions and You: The Beauty Book.


  1. Lynn P. says

    The Seaweed Bath Co. just came out with a seaweed shampoo and I adore it! I think they also have a seaweed bath that incorporates dead sea salts. Great stuff!

  2. zernona snow says

    I am looking for dead sea haling salt for sensitive skin from israel from vivlo or something like that, can you give me information on where i can buy these products thanks

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