Dr Oz: Singer Toni Braxton Lupus Diagnosis, Bankruptcy & Retirement


Dr Oz: Singer Toni Braxton To Retire

Toni Braxton told Dr. Oz that she is finally ready to talk about her life-changing diagnosis after keeping it from the public for so many years because she is tired of hiding it. She admitted that when she was initially diagnosed with lupus she was told by many to keep it a secret because they believed she would never work in the music business again if people knew she had lupus. Not only is she now ready to talk about her health issues, but she also shared a huge announcement with Dr. Oz, which is that she is planning to retire her singing career. She told him that for too many years her career and singing were her boss, but now her body is her boss and she needs to make her health a priority.

Dr Oz: Did Toni Braxton Need a Heart Transplant?

Toni Braxton says in 2008 she suffered a heart attack and was told by doctors she needed a heart transplant. For the next 24 hours she was afraid and more worried than ever about her health, only to be told the next day that it was actually a mistake and she would not need the transplant after all. As a doctor himself, Dr. Oz says that giving a patient that diagnosis for even a minute is devastating, let alone having to live with it for 24 hours! Toni told Dr. Oz when the doctors told her they were mistaken and that her diagnosis was actually lupus she felt immediate relief, but after doing a great deal of research she suddenly got really scared at the true reality of what the diagnosis would mean to her health.

Dr Oz: Diagnosing Lupus

Dr Oz: Singer Toni Braxton Lupus Diagnosis, Bankruptcy & Retirement

Toni Braxton sat down with Dr Oz to talk about her lupus diagnosis and why she kept it a secret for so long! (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Janet Steele says

    Dear Toni,
    I also suffer from lupus which currently has my life upside down. It so hard to get friends or others in your life too understand the confusing and unpredicatable symptoms.
    More times than not we look fine when suffering sufficant symptoms.
    All I can say is for the private sector to learn all about lupus…you never know.
    Peace be with you .

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