Dr Oz: Steven Tyler at Betty Ford Center & Being Sober Review


Dr Oz: Steven Tyler Betty Ford Center Treatment

Dr. Oz sat down with Steven Tyler to talk openly about his addiction. Steven shared why he believes doctors are the biggest drug dealers and why getting sober literally cost him everything he knew and loved most in his life.

Dr Oz: Steven Tyler Hitting Rock Bottom

Dr Oz: Steven Tyler at Betty Ford Center & Being Sober Review

Steven Tyler talked with Dr Oz about the book Being Sober, for which he wrote the foreword, as a guide for those battling addiction and the people who love them.


  1. says

    Please consider addressing methadone as a treatment option for opiate addiction. It is not for every one, but it is an option for those whose lives are out of control. Methadone adds stability and normalcy so that clients can focus on securing employment, locating housing, or providing food their little ones.
    There is a stigma associated with methadone treatment that prevents some people from speaking to qualified educators on all available treatment options. Often our clients come to us after they have tried and failed with inpatient treatment and/or several detoxs.
    Please look into this for the purpose of educating the public and supporting those who are suffering.
    Methadone patients are the most courageous people I have ever met.
    Anyone who wants to learn more, I invite to our methadone clinic in Raleigh, NC for the purpose of educating the public and the families that are affected by addiction. I would personally like to invite Dr. Oz and Steven Tyler. Their acceptance of an invitation would tell the thousands of people living normal lives with the help of methadone, that they are okay. They need to know this.
    Thank you,

    Rebecca Warren
    Methadone Treatment Center

  2. Patty I. says

    I to am a recovering Alcoholic, and I just finished watching DR. OZ, with Steven Tyler.. I am very Proud of Mr. Tyler, I know how hard it was and still is to ask for help. I commend you Mr Tyler, for asking for that help. I commend you for going on national tv, not only to help you stay sober, but to help your followers that are still out there, and not sure where to go,… We need more of you artists to step up and do what you did. I know this is a program of Anonymity, But i think that if more movie stars, artists and ppl in the music & film industry came forward, and show the ppl that look up to you guys, that if you can get sober, SO CAN THEY

  3. kim burch says

    The day the show with steven tyler aired, I was admitting my son into the hospital . Thankfully my daughter was watching your show that day! My son is a heroine addict. Its the same senario, he spends days into weeks into months doing heroine. Then he cant take it anymore, begs to be admitted. They give him drugs to keep him from suffering, ugh, he begs to get out! He wont stay! He gets out and within a week he is back at it. He cant work. Drifts, doesnt sleep doesnt eat.
    we bought the book BEING SOBER. I hadnt planned on giving it to him right away, knowing that the agitation he was going thru would keep him from either not be able to concentrate on it so it wouldnt pay or just make him plain angry! Ot told nim about it and asked to see it. The nurse took it, they have to check everything that goes in there. Then they refused to give it to him!! I am so disgusted with this! Its hard enough being a mom watching your baby fall to this addiction, then to have those who are sjppose to help, keep what might be the one thing that could, away from him!
    He is still in the hospital all though he is back to grying to get out, because he is “OK” in his mind! Ilm beyond frustrated finding no help.
    thank you though for the show and Steven Tyler for helping in your own way. You will make a difference in someones life, I hope it will be my son!

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