Dr Oz: Steven Tyler’s Addiction & Why Doctors Are Drug Dealers


Dr Oz: Steven Tyler’s Addiction

What a special day it is today on the Dr. Oz show! He sat down with rock star Steven Tyler to talk about the highs and lows of fame as the lead member of the band Aerosmith and his battle with addiction. Steven Tyler “On the Record” is an eye-opening look into the life of singer and how he fought his way in and out of addiction and what it cost him along the way.

Steven Tyler: “My Sobriety Cost Me Nothing Less Than Everything”

Steven Tyler told Dr. Oz the first time he got sober was in 1988 and he remained clean for 12 years before falling off the wagon. Most recently he has been sober for three years and says he feels great and is looking forward to what the future holds, especially as a father and grandfather. He says back when he and his band Aerosmith were trying to get noticed they sometimes performed three or four shows in a row, so he leaned on cocaine or alcohol to help him maintain such a rigorous schedule.


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