Dr Oz: Tackling Life’s Challenges + Chris Cook Born Without Arms, Legs


Dr Oz: Power of Resilience

Dr Oz’s guest, Chris Cook, offered a lesson in resilience unlike any other. Dr Oz said that his mother-in-law introduced him to the man’s inspiring story. We know that farming can be a difficult and physically demanding job, but Cook is doing that and tackling life’s challenges in an impressive way.

Cook, who was born without arms and legs, admitted that he needs 400% more energy than others to get through his daily routine. But he seems to have a sunny attitude about everything. In his tractor, he explained how it can be modified for him to reach the pedals.

Dr Oz: Chris Cook Born Without Arms & Legs

Dr Oz: Tackling Life's Challenges + Chris Cook Born Without Arms, Legs

Dr Oz met Chris Cook, a farmer born without arms or legs, who is tackling life’s challenges and making the most of every opportunity that comes his way. (rangizzz / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Lynn says

    This segment of the show yesterday was life changing for me, tops all inspirational stories! I want to share with my family. Where do I find the video? The interview on paper doesn’t do the story justice. You must see and experience Chris to get the full impact of his story. Please let me know how to get the video. Thanks.

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