Dr Oz: The Best Man Holiday Cast & How to Do a Testicle Self-Exam


Dr Oz: The Best Man Holiday Cast Sits Down with Dr Oz

Does the man in your life need a little help to improve his health? If so, today is the Dr. Oz Show for him, and for you, because it is time to learn the hottest health secrets from men in Hollywood with Taye Diggs and the rest of the cast of The Best Man Holiday!

Dr Oz: How to do a Testicle Self-Exam

Dr. Oz had a little fun with the men of The Best Man Holiday as he asked them all to put on a pair of purple gloves and examine a testicle. While there were jokes and laughter, it took a more serious turn when Dr. Oz showed them an enlarged testicle with cancer in it and explained how important it is for men to do a self-exam.

  • Hold one testicle in your hand and gently poke around with your thumb to feel for any lumps or bumps.
  • Do this self-test once a month in the shower.

Dr Oz: What is Binge Drinking?

The next big health mistake made by men is binge drinking. Dr. Oz explained binge drinking is different than having an addiction to alcohol, but it can become a problem if you drink more than four beers in one day, or more than 14 beers in a week. For women, binge drinking is a problem if you drink more three beers in one day or more than seven in a week.

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