Dr Oz: The Melt Method – End Neck Pain & Migraines With No Medication!


Dr Oz: Reduce Neck Pain With Soft Roller Exercise

Are you ready to live pain-free once and for all? Dr. Oz had the woman who can melt your pain away without medication. Find out how you can gently end your pain and never have to take another pill ever again.

Dr Oz: The Melt Method

Are you constantly in some sort of pain? Do you find yourself uncomfortable a lot of the time? Are you always reaching for a pill bottle to ease your pain just so you can get through the day? Sue Hitzmann, author of The Melt Method, is the woman who can melt your pain away and she wants to help you do it without any medication, but instead by working with your body to free yourself from chronic pain forever. Her Melt Method is a self-treating method for you to get out of pain and stay out of pain for good. Sue is a manual therapist and she has seen many people in her practice who suffered from a great deal of pain and taking lots of medication, so she decided to develop techniques to help them feel empowered and able to get out of pain and be rid of medication.

Dr Oz: Inflammation Speeds Aging Process

Sue Hitzmann told Dr. Oz that her Melt Method treats the cause of pain which is dehydration of the connective tissue in a person’s body. She explained that many people do not realize that this is what causes their pain, but there are three very important things that everyone needs to know so they can end their pain for good. Sue said that the dehydration begins to accumulate and cause stress while increasing inflammation in the joints and other areas of the body. Over time, this will accelerate your aging process and turn your minor pain into chronic pain.

Dr Oz: How To Hydrate Connective Tissue

Sue Hitzmann argued that connective tissue dehydration is responsible for all of the pain in our bodies, so Dr. Oz asked how we would go about hydrating those tissues. Sue explained that connective tissue is similar to a dry sponge. When it is dry you cannot do much with it because it is stiff, but when you add moisture and begin to manipulate the sponge, it becomes more flexible, which is what we need to do for the connective tissues in our body so we can avoid pain.


  1. says

    Dr. Oz,
    I stay in pain all the time. I have advanced scolliocis. By now, my spine is sitting on my right hip., and from there I have a lumbar curve that looks like the corner of a picture frame. I saw your show today-2-15-13, and I had been praying for some relief, I am going to try this method. I don’t like to take medications. I am in a lot of pain. There is nothing at all wrong with me except this particular thing. Thank You, Janice

  2. says

    Ann, knee pain can have many causes. You should check with a physician to get proper diagnosis. It may well be an alignment problem, varus or valgus; or it might be osteoarthritis. If your pain is in the front of the joint it could be caused by patellar cartilage degeneration, known as Chondromalacia Patella, or Patellofemoral Syndrome. If the pain is inside the knee joint then your joint cartilage may be wearing out. It is not clear what would be the mechanism that would come into play with the Melt Method to help cartilage health. What has been found effective, is slow and deliberate exercise for knee problems. This strengthens muscle groups that support the knee joint, and results in slowing down, and in some cases, stopping the degenerative process.
    Zafar Hayat Khan. Author of Knee Deep in Pain book.

  3. says

    Hardly enough information to justify buying her book and expensive ‘tools’. I was hoping for more reason to be optimistic. To me this seems more of a sales job. I actually thought i was on the Dr. oz site. I will go there next.

  4. Nancy says

    Kathy, I found the drink recipe posted elsewhere. Here it is:

    “Dr. Oz has spoken many times about the fact that inflammation is the cause of most problems in the body, including pain. Sue Hitzmann explained that while your first instinct may be to reach for medication to stop your pain, there may be a better option right in your kitchen. She said there are certainly foods that can increase inflammation, but there are also many that help to reduce inflammation. The first she recommended is actually a drink, a pain prevention drink to be exact.”

    24 ounces of water
    1 tablespoon liquid ginger or fresh ginger shavings
    1/8 teaspoon liquid cayenne pepper or a pinch of fresh cayenne
    1 lemon, sliced

  5. says

    Have not gotten my book yet… am I supposed to drink all 24 oz of the Water, Lemon,Ginger & Cyanne mix at once, or through the day?
    Thank you.

  6. mechelle says

    Just watched this episode; sad to think this lady is ON TV saying that you can be pain free; false hope! Some pain is structural, fractures, strain, tears. As far as her “Roll” and helping the back to be flat! Pilates started using this years ago, working on increasing trunk stability. You are kidding yourself when you think you can RID yourself of pain completely and that you will never have pain; especially if you have an unexpected injury!

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