Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo FAKE or Real? Read This Before Your Appointment!


Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium Psychic

You probably know Theresa Caputo best by her nickname, the Long Island Medium. She’s been to Dr Oz’s show before, and now she’s back to talk about how communicating with the dead could be a cure for your anxiety. (Hold your laughter or gasps at least until she stops talking, please.)

Dr Oz Anxiety Cure

We’ve all felt our minds racing and had periods of extreme worry. Dr Oz spent a few minutes explaining the basic concept of anxiety, and put forth Theresa’s theory that you could possibly soothe or diminish your anxiety by communicating with those who have passed on. That’s because she said it’s what has happened to her.

Dr Oz: Long Island Medium Cures Anxiety?

Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo Anxiety Cure

The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, told Dr Oz that she has the anxiety cure. Could the answer be found in communicating with the other side?


  1. Gail says

    Went to see Theresa in person in Massachusetts. They had to add a show because her first show sold out…as did the second (I believe). When you see her work in person and hear her tell people things that no one else would know…..makes you believe. I only saw the small clip of Dr OZ when she was first introduced and Dr OZ was the one that thought that maybe peoples anxiety may be related to people that have passed that may trying to get through to them. Theresa agreed that may be possible, but she by no means brought the subject up and implied that she knew for sure that is why people have anxiety. As far as her fee for private reading…I’d do it in a heart beat to hear from my dad, but I hear her waiting list is VERY long and she doesn’t make appts anymore at this point but has a waiting list that you can get on.

  2. Wimbly says

    Thanks for sharing, Gail. So many people have never even heard of mediums before, or have only heard the negative spin that the materialistics put on it.

    When people have the experience for themselves, it’s often more profound and mindblowing than they ever expected.

  3. cai says

    I would like to setup an apppointment with you. How can I do that? I don’t mind the wait even it is for 2yrs.
    Can you please let me know?

  4. says

    People who are skeptical about Psychic Mediums are really just looking out for those who fall prey to the ones that take advantage of someone’s hard earned money. Unfortunately, frauds come in all shapes and sizes as well as ‘careers’ like saying their a doctor when in all reality, the person hasn’t even graduated from high school. You can’t escape a fraud no matter how ‘spiritual’ they may sound. They are cunning and enjoy in your naivety. But, there ARE legit Psychic Mediums in the world. Why do we not know the winning lottery numbers? Because spirituality and enlightenment has NOTHING to do with materialism and wealth. Why do we charge money for our services? The same reason a therapist charges for their services in helping people ‘find their way’. Although, I do believe that any Psychic/Medium that charges a fee that goes above and beyond what a therapist would charge is truly outrageous. Why do we NOT know where a missing a child is? Because if we knew EVERYTHING, we would no longer be human and people would not learn from trials and tribulations such as a tragedy in where children are kidnapped, murdered, or afflicted with a terminal disease. There is a greater cause for these tragedies that prompt people to organize research, cures, and public communication systems to help bring peace and ‘change the world’. For example: Adam Walsh=America’s Most Wanted, Amber Hagerman=Amber Alert, Ryan White=Aids awareness. These children came into this world sacrificing their lives to promote awareness no matter how brutal the end was. Believe me, I will never understand the suffering children go through at the hands of a predator or pedophile, but I have to have faith that there are angels around to ease the suffering until their untimely demise. We as Psychic Mediums are not supposed to know EVERYTHING. We are human just like the rest of society. We, too, can be afflicted by pain and suffering, loss and tragedies, disease and death. We have simply tuned into our higher selves to be messengers at the time of crisis even though we too may struggle with ‘faith’. It is not a matter of ‘proving it’. It is a matter of acceptance and the understanding that everyone has the capability of providing intuition to others who feel lost.

  5. carrie in CAli says

    WAKE UP AMERICA!! Stop promoting these people and paying them to tell you lies!! she makes $800 an hour and hundreds of thousands to make appearances. Of course she is going to talk to the dead! If I was paid this much and had the gift of gab I would be able to speak to the dead as well. watch her video on Anderson Cooper, I don’t think she got one thing correct. She throws out a bunch of obvisious things and than wait for her prey to respond to her questions.

  6. B says

    Laurel Lowe, one word – Zeitgeist. Sorry but religion doesn’t exist, it’s something man created to divide people and control them by using ther beleifs against them. DERP

  7. says

    You guys do know that Theresa Caputo just does cold reading and hot reading in her group sessions and private readings, right?

    I can do the same thing. Are we both psychics that speak to the dead? No. Not even close.

    Stop giving her your money.

  8. PD says


    Who are you do attack someone for their beliefs? Stop being intolerant and insulting someone for voicing their opinion. You can share what you believe without insulting or bullying someone.

  9. Ron says

    Avoid Wicked Customs
    Deuteronomy 18
    9 “When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations. 10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. 14 For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the Lord your God has not appointed such for you.

  10. says

    all the comments above… you’re all weird. go to a renowned psychic medium and THEN come tell everyone they are fake. when someone who has never met you, didn’t know you were coming… hits you with specific details..names, events, current relationships including specific details… you will believe. don’t be a skeptic if you haven’t even tested it out. being close minded is for the weak. it is common knowledge to know that those who use a higher percentage of their brain can access different things… different realms. really get a grip. ignorance is bliss i guess. keep on being a sheep. sheeple

  11. Diane says

    People who are not open minded enough will find Theresa a threat to their reality. Wake up and smell the ghosties! We live in world that we don’t understand on even the most basic levels. Who do YOU think you are to dismiss people who can access something you can’t? Theresa has most definately proven herself to me and I’m very SENSITIVE to liars and fakes.

  12. Cj says

    Didn’t Jesus call up the dead, Ron? And didn’t he also feed thousands with a few fish and a loaf of bread? Witchcraft I say! Wait a sec….. Are there contradictions in the Bible??

  13. says

    I would like to start by saying I am a MEDIUM & Intuitive. For those of you who disbelieve in our abilities or gifts you are entitled to your opinions but please think twice beofre labeling ALLas FAKES or FRAUDS or out to make a buck off people’s grief etc. I have for the better part of 25 years given “readings” to folks for FREE. I only recently started to charge a very nominal fee for my time as like anyone who WORKS I believe I am entitled to be paid for my services. That being said ANY inofrmation I give to people regarding their lives etc.. is NOT random or pulled from some well of information I got ahead of time. Most of the people I speak with I have NEVER met and have no connection to. I have no previous knowledge or any way of tapping into their lives. With that being said let me explain to you the difference between an Intuitive READING or offering a MESSAGE from a person who has passed. These are 2 completely different things and while messages will often come through during an INTUITIVE reading they are not always connected. When I sit down with someone to READ them it is based on their energy in that moment. It is also not what people WANT to hear but what they NEED to hear and I will be very upfront in saying most of the information I am giving is not unknown to the person recieving it just that they are often not identifying with it because of a situation, emotions and often because they are to close to see the bigger picture or look at it from a different perspective. As a MEDIUM I am given information via messages which can come in the form of images, smells, sounds or even the “spirit” speaking to me. YES it sounds crazy and I will be the first to admit I often wonder WHY or HOW I get this information but after many years I have learned to accept it. I have been given many names first and last that I would have no way of knowing, dates, ages, ailments etc… that have been validated over and over not just by the people to which they are intended but in documents, historical information etc… I am not privy to this before hand I can assure you. Some of these experiences have happened in locations that i would have never expected. If a spirit can get a message to me they can certainly get a message to you if you are open to hear it and accept it. It may be as simple as a a mental image of a blue bird on a shoulder which can trigger something that makes you think of a specific person or the random smell of bacon in a location that would not be in sync with this smell. YES , this is how it works, As well please understand most of us who have this gift DO NOT operate on the same level as The Long Island Medium. When I receive information in a public place i NEVER run up to a person and pass this info along, What you are all missing here is that while Teresa APPEARS to do this, it is set up is for television. As for her being a fake?? . As for large gallery events I have been to many myself and I can tell when “Psyhics” are fishing. I have been the medium on stage and while I can’t speak for others I can tell you who is fishing and who is legit. I understand being the conduit for this and in my case I am NOT making $400 for 30 minutes or anywhere near that. All I can say is people have an open mind it will get you much further in life. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy dose of skepticism as I myself do and question many things but labeling people as FAKES or that this ability is BS just because you don’t understand or because it doesn’t have any scientific proof is not the answer either. I come froma science background. I hold a degree in archaeology so I completely GET the need for substantiating information but sometimes WE can’t. I have been in locatioons where my gift as given me more information then any degree ever could. If you open up and understand this is NOT special WE are all intuitive, everyone has the capacity to receive it’s whether we are atune to this or not. Thank you for allowing me to say MY piece.. whether you believe or not remember we ar so much more then just the physcial 🙂

  14. SansR says

    WoW! Thank you Seika Groves! I would love, love, love for Theresa to be real. I and a few others that I know would love to get in touch w/certain special ppl that have passed on. I appreciate that you took the time to make things clearer for (some of) us. Maybe I’ll contact you! Do you do readings for ppl?

  15. says

    Seika is totally correct with what she has written. I also work professionally as a medium and actually find Teresa’s presentation horrible as she clearly has no training. I mean this in a nice way, but quality training and education is essential for mediumship as it involves interacting with people who are in many cases extremely emotionally disturbed and in need of healing. I teach and demonstrate mediumship worldwide and am very honest with what I do. While delusion and fraud certainly can be passed off as mediumship, the reality is that the personality survives the destruction of the physical body and is able to mentally communicate with people in the physical world. The process of mediumship is a great blessing as it enables messages to be conveyed proving the reality of life after death and bringing comfort and healing to those in need.

  16. Paul D. says

    To those that think she is a fake – why do you waste your time and money if you are not even open to the idea of Mediums. Spend your time and energy on something more productive. What is your hangup? Jealousy?

    Fact is, she is real. She does not pretend to do miracles. She actually does have insight into some peoples lives. Whether you believe or not is up to you. Save your Hate for something more productive in life. Your efforts and energy could be used for something else more productive like poverty and inequity in our world.

    Oh! And may God bless you and your hate.

  17. KC says

    I was just at Theresa’s show in Richmond Virginia at the Landmark Theatre. I watch her show all the time and am a huge fan. I was disappointed when my loved ones did not come through but thought she was so entertaining I would see her again even without ever being selected for a reading. I know for a fact that these abilities are real because as a child I was able to do some of this…not anymore. My Mother was also very gifted and she NEVER TOOK a DIME! I am saddened to say that the show in Richmond SEEMED, and I repeat…SEEMED staged. She seemed to be getting a lot of info through an ear pc because she was caught 2 times questioning or talking to it and then had to try to cover for her responses to who was talking in her ear. I imagine she has real abilities but the idea that she is now a PRODUCT that is worth millions in revenue…I am sure the producers, agents and lawyers have much of her shows FIXED to ensure she stays relivant and marketable. SAD.

  18. Kim says

    I do not know if she is real. I really wish she was. I truly do not know. As far as making money with her gift, or even if it’s a show, more power to her. Everybody has gifts to make money. My dentist, my accountant, My plumber. Look at baseball players. Why shouldn’t she make a lot of money. She is in demand by people who believe in her. That all I have to say.

  19. sandra says

    Thank you Seika and Paul. Theresa does not need to prove herself to anyone. She needs to just do what she can without burning herself out, which would be easy to do when you are in such demand. Thank you Theresa for doing what GOD wants you to do. Speaking of God, would he be writing bad things about Theresa. Nope.
    God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit has no need for that.

  20. Jeff Waltz says

    I think what Theresa does is “most” usually too specific to be fake. Some people are scared of what lies beneath the normal senses. I do not think that she worships a demon, I think she does it to make money but also to help others to be their best. I do not see the harm in that. When she is not completely accurate… Some folks are freaked out by this. I seem to find she redeems herself… Shortly after being “off”. Certain details she reveals are very specific. 400 dollars for 30 minutes is nothing compared to psychoanalysis these days. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus… I try not to judge others but if I had 400 bucks to ease my mind concerning my dearly departed… Sign me up. She could save me thousands in psychiatrist bills not to mention the amount of time saved. So closed minded, judgmental folks… Dig deeper before you criticize. Look what Jesus did. For you Athiest…and agnostics…. Initially, Every scientific discovery has been proven wrong. There could be a very logical explanation for many unexplained happenings. Look up St. Malachy’s prophecy on the Popes… Explain that one. Explain Revelation… Time travel or divine intervention.? Etc etc etc. Love to everyone, Jeffrey

  21. Linda says

    My son passed in august. Since then 3 mediums who did not previously know us personally but either were customers in our shop or knew us through other aquaintances on facebook came to us with messages from our son. basically they said he was being persistent. All of the messages boiled down to he was ok, that he had no idea how much his leaving would hurt us, and that the conversations i had thought were the insanity of a mothers grief that we had been having since he passed were real. the messages he had been sending were real and validated in different ways by each reading with details that were very specific and personal. Also he was adamant that we not be sad, easier said than done, but we try. Those mediums are now good friends, never asked us for one penny and now, i am learning each day a little more to interpret the communications from my son myself. None of them acted like theresa, none of them asked me a single question. They all delivered messages of love and validation. I don’t know if theresa is real but i know the angels sent to us saved our sanity early on.

  22. Angela says

    I believe in Déjà vu and that is about it. Everyone is allowed to speak their own mind and have their own beliefs. Most people are raised do not judge others for God is the only one who can judge us and don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I am not judging anyone, but till I experience someone walking up to me to give me a message from a loved one and only something we would of known about, I do not believe in Mediums. I am like a lot of people I have to experience it, see it or hear it to believe it, and as far as most things on TV it’s mostly just reality put on.

  23. says

    Steve… I just wanted to address your statement about proper training etc… I have NO formal training in presenting as a medium either and and don’t find Theresa horrible I find her very down to earth and approachable. I am very much the same. I have been doing this since I was about 16 yrs old i’m almost 50 now. If you are compassionate and understanding in what you do that is the best approach. I have seen many good mediums who spend their lives TRAINING and their head is in airy fairy land. Talking in mumbo jumbo terms that most people don’t understand. Things such as ” In order to let go you must ask the angels or your guide to assist you and cut the cords etc” while that may work for some it certainly doesn’t work for me. I let my clients know in laymans terms and I speak to them as a friend. It really is that simple.

    Beyond that I am always interested in what others have to say about the subject of mediumship and spirit. Being I am rooted in a science background I amaze myself each day as I said above with all of this but oddly enough there is some science to it as well. It’s rooted in Quantum Physhics… without getting to heavy here we are all made up of energy as is everything around us.. EVERYTHING….. yes even a rock…. all things move at particular and registered vibration levels which is why we can pick up or feel energy as it is in tune or moving agains’t ours.. some of us have the ability to pick up on higher or lower vibrations as well… things outside of what is considered the NORMAL range. Just because our physical body dies off our energy does not.. it merely shifts into another form and changes it’s level of vibration… So do i BELIEVE in being able to hear or access this energy YES… i do it every day of my life as do most of us… Do i listen YES.. which is WHY i am able to hear or feel what some others cannot.. can this be taught.. to a degree YES it can.. and YES we all have the ability, Thanx again

  24. Steve Hermann says

    Seika. Training is very important with mediumship and what I watched certainly was not professional in terms of presentation. She lacks training and it shows. walking up to people in Walmart and bringing through communications clearly demonstrates this. This not mean she is not sincere with what she is doing, but she lacks discipline with her mediumship and from what I observed does not understand the mechanics of the process. I am not trained with dentistry but I am sure if read a few manuals on the subject and practiced over a period of time I would get pretty good at removing peoples teeth. The question is would you want me to use pliers to pull your teeth out?
    Being friendly and down to earth is essential. But the having watched many, many self-taught mediums over the years, their approach is generally inferior in terms of what can be done through them compared to properly trained ones. I mean all of this in a nice way, but in general the standard of mediumship tends to be pretty low as far too many people do not want to spend the time working at improving their connection with the spirit world and as a result never develop past a certain point. This drastically limits what the spirit world is able to accomplish through them.

  25. says

    Mary there are so many sincere and talented mediums out there. If you consult with one trust your own intuitive feeling as to which ones you select to work with. You want to be on the same mental wave length. When there is harmony between the minds of the medium, the recipient and those in the spirit world the results tend to be pretty good. I am sure your loved ones would also deeply love to connect with you. Learn to meditate and go within. God bless you!

  26. says

    hello Theresa I am desperate for help my life has crumbled since losing my mom 1 month ago today.She was my angel and I adored her I am physically ill I can’t sleep, eating is hard and I am getting panic/anxiety attacks now as well.I havent been able to work and I am in a deep depression that I can’t see any way out from,I am doing everything I can to get through this but I am making myself sick from guilt please help me try to get some closure from my mom I need to know she wasn’t angry at me when she passed away and that she is at peace.PLEASE HELP ME I don’t know where else to turn and i don’t know how long I can live like this, Jodi

  27. Lilac says

    Try to find a Spritist Center near where you live. They do not do “readings” per say but they would be willing to help you many ways…The mediums there are all christians there, beleive in God and Jesus and they volenteering their time. Its all free. They will try to help you simply out of their goodness of their hearts and service to humanity…
    Love and charity, God bless.

  28. Marina Moersch says

    I am not saying there is no such thing as a sensitive or medium but I have seen quite a few and for some reason no one could read me .I have been told that my own unharnessed powers block the readings if that is true how do you learn how to channel them or use them .I have had several times that I knew something before it happened and it really freaked me out . I really need someone to show me what I can do to control this

  29. says

    First of all, I am not saying I am a believer or not but I would like to say if you are going to quote the Bible please get it right-do not add words or use your own words-this is not right.

  30. Kayla Harper says

    Why bash Teresa and the wonderful work she does daily?! If you don’t believe or are a skeptic, fine. If you ever took time to watch her show and see how wonderful she is, you couldn’t have one bad word to say about her. She is a wonderful lady who only lets positive messages of healing, positivity and comfort come through. How dare you try and take that away from her (& the people she has helped) and discredit her work and all the healing and life changing she does daily. She is an amazing person. She brings comfort and healing to MANY people……where can there be any wrong doing in that?! You don’t believe in her or think she is too expensive? Well that’s simple…go on about your life and don’t visit her. I personally (along with many others) would pay double that. The gift she gives is priceless! Let’s not forget that she is working 24-7. The spirits talk and pester her all day and night. She doesn’t get to live a normal life like most of us do. Can you imagine simply talking to spirits? I can’t. Can you imagine having spirits pulling at you at every place you go…to pass on a message to strangers? Wouldn’t exactly be a comfortable position to be in. She gives free messages to people daily, just to help and heal. She doesn’t always get paid……but so what if she does….the woman has to eat and also has a family to care for. Shame on some of y’all!

  31. Sassy Michaels says

    I will say that the day a medium can walk up to someone on the street, know absolutely nothing about them, not question them in any way and announce they are speaking with Maurice, their dead father, and be 100% correct, will be the day I believe.

    Unfortunately to date, we have never seen that.

  32. AC says

    So much misinformation!
    first of all, she doesn’t charge 400 or 800 per personal session. It’s more like 200 for personal readings (I think that info is even on her website). I have seen the $400 price ‘rumor’ on different websites, and it keeps going up from what the person “heard”…first 400, then it was 460, then 800. What next…1,000…1500? Geez, people never seem to research their facts, it’s always what they “heard”. Second…Not one website has explained how she can tell the person, what their loved one ‘knows’ what they were thinking to themselves that day, without ever telling anyone else. No one knew but them, and yet Theresa relays the message from their dead relative ‘exactly’ what that person had been thinking to themselves.
    There is absolutely no possible way she could know or google what the person had been ‘thinking’, especially something they never told anyone. None of these websites can explain that. Why? Because they can’t. So to support their views, they attack other things, like false reports on how much she charges.

  33. BJW says

    @Ron from 1/17/13, 8:45p. Sorry so late to reply but looks like it’s YOU who is the one attacking the person who is commenting that it’s a cold reading that she does.

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