Dr Oz: Tips To Boost Your Energy For Spring & Use Saline Nasal Spray


Dr Oz: Probiotic With Omega-3 Improves Mood

Now that winter is finally over are you ready to supercharge your body for spring? If so, Dr. Oz has the three step plan to help you release, renew and revive while healing your body and boosting your energy to get ready for the new season!

Dr Oz: Three Step Plan To Supercharge Your Body For Spring

Dr. Eva Selhub explained winter fatigue is a legitimate issue because we “hibernate” our bodies during the winter months by eating “winter” foods, taking “winter” medications and having less exposure to sunlight, which leads to a lack of vitamin D. Dr. Selhub says rather than feeling energized and ready for spring we often feel run down and tired from the long winter months. She has a three “R” plan to help you get your energy back and enjoy spring!


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