Dr Oz: Tony Robbins’ Pituitary Gland Tumor & How He Lost 38 Pounds

By on May 22, 2013

Dr Oz: Tony Robbins Motivational Speaker

Are you feeling like your life is in a rut, but you are not sure how to get out of it to take charge of your life? If so, today’s Dr. Oz show is for you! He is sitting down with Tony Robbins to talk about how to take charge of your health so you can unleash your full potential and be the best you can be. Tony has helped millions of people change their lives and today could be the day he helps you do the same!

Dr Oz: Tony Robbins’ Weight Gain

Dr Oz: Tony Robbins' Pituitary Gland Tumor & How He Lost 38 Pounds

Tony Robbins told Dr Oz he had a tumor on his Pituitary Gland, which caused him to grow at an extreme rate putting his life at risk.

Tony Robbins did not waste any time telling Dr. Oz that if people want something to change then they need to change themselves. Millions of people have attended his seminars with that message at the center of each one. Tony says when can have fun and grow at the same time, something really wonderful happens, but he admits to not always looking at life so positively. There was a time in Tony’s life when he thought having a lot of money would solve his problems, but instead it caused him to go into a tailspin and eat his way to a nearly 40-pound weight gain in just a few months’ time.

Dr Oz: What is a Pituitary Gland Tumor?

Tony Robbins told Dr. Oz he went from a height of 5 feet 1 inch his sophomore year in high school to well over 6 feet tall in about a year’s time. He says the muscle spasms were often quite painful, but the most shocking news came when he learned it was due to a tumor in his brain on his Pituitary Gland.

Dr. Oz explained the Pituitary Gland secretes growth hormones, especially in children so they can continue to grow, but in Tony’s situation it could have gotten dangerous and caused other parts of his body to grow too large, like his vital organs. Fortunately, the tumor is now shrunk and Tony is doing well, but it was a very scary time in his life.

Tony Robbins: How to Bounce Back From Tough Times

Dr. Oz says he likes to talk to people who have struggled in their lives because learning how they overcame those struggles can help others in similar situations. Tony Robbins says he took control of his own life when he was overweight by first coming up with a list of why he was going to make changes, even if he was not quite sure how to make it happen. He then began to find strategies to lose weight and change at a psychological level, which was when he knew he could help other people do the same. Tony Robbins says he hates to see people in pain or struggling, but he loves to see them happy and excited about life, which is why he has made it his mission to help others for over 30 years!

Dr Oz: Tony Robbins “The Secret to Living is Giving”

Tony Robbins told Dr. Oz if you are always focused on yourself then you are always going to have fear about something, but if you focus on helping and giving to others it gives you the opportunity to get insight and grow as a person.

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