Dr Oz: What Causes Nightmares, Vitamin B6 Dream Booster & Rescripting


It’s All in Your Dreams: Kelly Sullivan Walden

Kelly Sullivan Walden, author of It’s All in Your Dreams, says it is important to control your dreams in order to benefit your health. She told Dr. Oz that many people do not pay attention to their dreams because they often seem to make little sense, but paying attention to the feeling tone of your dream and the symbolism could literally help you improve your health. Dr. Lisa Medalie, a Sleep Behavior Specialist, says we are bombarded with a lot of information throughout the day and we simply do have the time to process all of that data, which is what happens when we dream. She compared it to a filing cabinet that organizes all of the data while we sleep so we can move on and be productive the following day.

Dr Oz: “Catch” Your Positive Dreams to Improve Your Health

Often times people have really wonderful and positive dreams, but when they wake up they are not able to remember those dreams, which is frustrating and disappointing. Dr. Medalie says if we are able to remember our positive dreams, it can actually reduce our Cortisol levels to lower stress and improve our overall health.

Dr Oz: How Can You Remember Your Dreams?

Dr Oz: What Causes Nightmares, Vitamin B6 Dream Booster & Rescripting

Dr Lisa Medalie says taking Vitamin B6 will help boost your memory to help you better remember your dreams, which in turn will improve your health.


  1. Stephen Curtis says

    Halfway through my freshman term at the university I attend I started having the worst nightmares – the type where I might get up finding my pillow drenched in perspiration.

    Terrifyingly enough, the dream would frequently be a similar: I’m in my car when all of a sudden ice would choke me. Then I’d wake up panting and scared out of my wits at 5:30 AM in the morning.

    It sounds like a faded memory now, but those days I absolutely dreaded getting rest. I would try the craziest sleep schedules to avoid dreams, but I often forfeited the battle against my urge to rest.

    In any case after a terrible dream I decided to scanning Reddit for potential remedies when I came upon the concept of lucid dreaming. I found a bunch of electronic “books” with many methods for lucid dreaming.

    Anyways, hope the method helps.

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