Dr Oz: What Does Proprietary Blend Mean? & Centrum Flavor Burst Review


Dr Oz: What Is Really In Your Vitamins?

Dr. Oz has been recommending various vitamins and supplements to his viewers for several years, so when he found out some of the biggest companies are duping consumers he got very upset. He enlisted the help of Consumer Lab to take a closer look and find out what is really in your supplements. What he learned might surprise you as much as it surprised him!

Dr Oz: Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamin Review

Dr. Tod Cooperman, President of ConsumerLab.com, researched several vitamins and supplements and found that 40% failed their testing! He used the following criteria as he looked at each of the products and one product, Centrum Chewable Flavor Burst For Adults, actually had two and half times the recommended amount of vitamin A in retinol form, which is dangerous if you get too much. Dr. Cooperman says this amount of vitamin A could lead to a serious problem like weakening of your bones, so it is important to know what is in your vitamins and how much you really need of each one.

  • May have too little of an ingredient listed on the label
  • May have too much of an ingredient listed on the label
  • May be contaminated with heavy metals, like lead
  • Pills may not break apart properly

Dr Oz: Risk Of Lead In Supplements

What Does Proprietary Blend Mean?

Dr Tod Cooperman of Consumer Lab says to avoid products with the words “Proprietary Blend” on the label because it usually means they are hiding the ingredients in their product.


  1. Marcy says

    How do I get access to the list of better quality versus lesser quality vitamins as offered today for 24 hrs. only by the Consumer Lab?

  2. bonnie says

    I am interested in knowing how to access and take advantage of this offer by Consumer Lab also.

  3. barbara sudbrink says

    this should make my supplement taking much better for my body and not spend on products that are not efficient. thank you

  4. Kathleen says

    How can I access the information on supplements offered by Consumer Lab.
    Thank you

  5. Karen Paulson says

    I would also like to know where to find the Vitamin listing available for 24 hrs.

  6. marie says

    I would like to know where to find the Vitamin listing available for 24 hours.How can I access the information on supplements offered by Consumer Lab
    How do I get access to the list of better quality versus lesser quality vitamins as offered today for 24 hrs. only by the Consumer Lab?

  7. Patt Nagy says

    I would like to receive the listing for the vitamin supplements as seen on your programme today, thanks.

  8. marie says

    How do I get access to the list of better quality versus lesser quality vitamins as offered today for 24 hrs. only by the Consumer Lab?

  9. Patt Nagy says

    Hi, I’d like to receive the lists of vitamin supplements as per todays programme,thanks.

  10. Elena says

    I would like to know how I can find the vitamin list from consumer lab that dr oz said would be posted for 24 hours

  11. Teresa Lewis says

    I would also like to see the list that is suppose to be on here for the vitamins.


  12. Cheryl says

    I would like to know where to find the vitamin comparison list that Dr Oz said would be open for 24 hours.

  13. says

    I thought you would have a list of vitamin supplements for the next 24 hours. I take supplements and would like to access the list or you can email it to me. Thank-you

  14. says

    Thought maybe I could find the vitamin/ supplement list if I went on to the site consumerlab.com
    When I did, there were several sites that wouldn’t open and the one that did didn’t have anything good to say about the lab.
    If you can check it out. Just weird. I wonder if Dr. Oz even knows that the list he said would be on his website will be there for 24 hours isn’t on there.
    I’m done.

  15. says

    Please tell that the following drugs are OK, since I can not find the site for 24 hrs comparison.


    Natures Bounty Vitamin D3-5000IU for vitamin D deficiency
    Spring Valley Biotin 5000 mcg for hair loss and nail breakage
    Please reply soon.
    Thanks a lot

  16. says

    I don’t care for natures bounty the main ingredient is soy bean oil
    Carlsons Vit D3 is better
    Biotin can cause weight gain
    Be careful of vitamins that contain talc
    Solgar is a good company as well as Carlsons

  17. Laura Lynch says

    I cannot find the page for the vitamin comparison chart …. could someone pls post and let me know where i could find it….. thanks!!~~

  18. stella osen says

    I am also looking for the vitamin comparison chart that was talked about – the one with the 24 hour limit. Very disappointing not to be able to find this important information.

  19. says

    Ditto…unable to access Consumer Lab site. I’m sure Dr. Oz will address problem soon as he can as the problem seems to be the failure of the Lab site itself to open. There is the possibility it crashed or is overloaded given the millions worldwide watching our favorite doc who may have attempted to access it. Hope it’ll be rectified soon.

  20. Rochelle says

    Please print the list of safe vitamins as promised on todays (4-9-2013) show. List was supposed to be available for 24 hours from the time Dr. Oz show aired. It has been eight hours and still no list. Thank you.

  21. Janet says

    I would like the list mentioned today on which vitamins made the 40% don’t buy list since I can’t seem to find it to check out what I am already taking. I was sure that watching todays show said we could go to your website and check in within 24 hrs. but I am not finding that an easy thing to do. Instructions are needed for me I guess.I do take a lot of medications so I am concerned about what I am taking in supplements as well as prescription drugs generic and brand named ones.

  22. ken maunz says

    I can’t find the list either…. Please provide as this should be useful information.

  23. says

    Just checked my solgar vitamin bottles and they do not say USP or consumer lab
    That is what the Dr. Oz show said your vit. supplement bottle should say.
    I thought that was a great company so what does one do?
    I really get upset when info is given to you on the show and they tell you to get more on the website and then its not there.
    That iss what happened with this important info from the show.
    I wonder if anyone from the show reads the comments or are we just informing each other.
    It’s almost 24 hours since the show aired yesterday and nothing has been rectified.
    Very surprised

  24. says

    I have been searching for the vitamin list that was offered on the Dr Oz show April 9. It was suppose to be on for 24 hrs. Why do you offer something that we can’t find? What a waste of time. I have been searching since yesterday after the show. It looks like I’m not the only one.

  25. Where is the list? says

    I would like to access the list but can’t find it. Please send an email to me and let me know how to find the list.

  26. Art says

    You can’t find the list because you have to PAY for it. Consumer Labs IS NOT an unbiased testing company. They accept advertising from vitamin companies and have links to certain companies to buy from. That is not independent! Also, USP is barely used anymore. The true testing (just check the FDA website) is GMP.

  27. says

    Thanks so much Art for confirming what I thought was true. The consumer lab is not independent group and are really concerned about money.
    That should have been really investigated better before we were all told we could access the
    info on Dr. Oz website for 24 hours.
    I was going crazy all ay and I even called several of the vitamin companies I use about the USP
    Shame ,Shame

  28. Terry says

    Dr Oz…This one is for you Sir ! PLEASE do NOT make the public “feel” as if you will respond to health questions. I have requested your input since 2009 and have yet to receive ANY communication from you or your staff. Sir, if you do NOT know what to say…Just reply with the truth if you don’t know and that will be enough ! OR offer other sources for assistance ! Once again; Phrenic Nerve Paralysis is the topic I need help with ! Thanks, terry

  29. Rachel Abraham says

    Very disappointed with Dr. Oz and the whole Consumer Lab ordeal! I count on Dr Iz to provide reliable information and I was never able to access the consumer lab list in thst 24 hr time period that was promised! Very disappointing!

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